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Free Online Guitar Lessons

Free Guitar Lessons,
Learn to play in two weeks...

Anybody can learn to play the guitar and with my free guitar lessons for beginners, you can master some basic techniques and songs within two weeks of practice.  After years of experience with online guitar resources I know that many guitar websites rely on simple text explanations and are of little or no help to the absolute beginner.
Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners
Anybody can learn to play guitar with these free guitar lessons for beginners. Includes detailed instructional videos and pictures.
How to Tune a Guitar
Learn how to tune a guitar - Includes a free online tuner and tuning tips for enhanced accuracy.
Basic Guitar Chords
The nine basic guitar chords for beginner players. Includes detailed instructional videos and pictures.
Guitar Chord Charts
Use these free printable guitar chord charts for quick reference and never miss another chord! Find a chart for every chord in existance.
How to read Guitar Tabs
Easily learn how to read guitar tabs and discover the easiest form of music notation that will help you thousands of songs.
Guitar Chord Progressions
Guitar Chord Progressions are all about which chords work well together, and which ones don't. A certain combination of chords will naturally 'sound right' to your ear and playing them in succession (one
Guitar Scales
Learn basic and easy guitar scales to spice up your playing and add some dimension to your guitar technique.
Guitar Techniques
Learn all about Hammer ons, pull offs and slides and how these dynamic guitar techniques add funk and depth to your playing.
How to Play Bar Chords
This free video based guitar lessons will teach you how to play bar chords from scratch - something without which no serious guitarist can go without.
Guitar Power Chords
This free video based guitar lessons will teach you how to play guitar power chords from scratch - if you want to be a rock guitarists you can't get by without power chords.
Blues Guitar Lessons
Step by step blues guitar lessons that's perfect for beginner or intermediate players. Learn everything you need to know to start playing blues guitar in no time.
Blues Guitar Licks
Learn some blues guitar licks to get you started on your journey as a blues player and add some spice to your playing style.
Easy Guitar Songs
If you're starting out with the guitar have a look at some of these easy guitar songs and start playing straight away.
Beginner Guitar Tabs
If you're starting out with the guitar have a look at some of these beginner guitar tabs for a great kickstart.
Best Guitar Riffs
This free video based guitar lessons will teach you how to play the best guitar riffs in rock and pop music in simple steps. Learn some classic guitar riffs that are easy to play, in minutes.
Guitar Lesson Reviews
Before you go out and buy one of the dozens of guitar products available today, be sure to read these guitar lesson reviews for an unbiased opinion.
Learn Guitar FAQ
Whether you're considering learning guitar or are in the process of refining your skills, you no doubt have questions. Find your answers here in this Learn Guitar FAQ.
Guitar Learning Problems
Struggling with your new Guitar? Find solutions to some of the most commong guitar learning problems that beginners face.
History of the Guitar
Our instruments of blues, country and rock 'n roll have a long and colourful history. Discover the history of the guitar and gain some insightful facts about where the guitar comes from.
Cheap Guitars - Electric and Acoustics for Beginners
Reviews and Prices on cheap guitars for new or advanced guitar players.
Electric Guitar Reviews
Detailed electric guitar reviews on some of the most popular prized instruments. You'll want to get your hands on one of these soon enough.
Acoustic Guitar Reviews
Detailed acoustic guitar reviews on some of the most popular prized acoustic instruments. You'll want to get your hands on one of these soon enough.
Guitar Amplifier Reviews
Detailed guitar amplifier reviews on some of the most popular amps out there. You'll want to get your hands on one of these soon enough.
Your Guitar
Share your gear! Share a picture and discription of your guitar and let the world see what you use to practice, perform and stun the crowd with.
Guitar Tools
All the online guitar tools you'll ever need in one place and provided for free. Includes a Metronome, Chord Finder and Guitar Tuner.
Guitar News
Stay up to date with what's happening in the music world. Find the latest Guitar News Articles here.
Guitar Backgrounds
The best selection of quality guitar backgrounds. Among these high quality wallpapers you're sure to find something you'll like.
Site Build It Reviews
Read Site Build It Reviews! SBI! is a comprehensive web hosting system that not only hosts your website, but TEACHES you to build websites that generate growing traffic and targeted customers.
Guitar Sites Directory
A directory of quality guitar related websites. This section will provide links to Guitar Education Sites, and General Guitar Links
About Me
Want to know who's dishing out all the free advice as if he's Paul Gibson? Read about my musical journey with my favourite stringed instrument.
What can Pluck and Play offer you?  Here's an overview...
Site Map
That's why I've included free instructional videos, photos and detailed explanations on topics like chords, scales and a variety of techniques.  Using these free online lessons it really is true - Anyone can learn to play!

Two weeks, no kidding?
Of course, you shouldn't expect to outperform Jimmy Hendrix or Eric Clapton after two weeks of training!  However, reaching a basic level where you can play easy songs can take two weeks if you follow my lessons guide.
Remember, the instructional videos and photos means you have a personal tutor by your side throughout your new musical journey - it makes learning easy and fun.

These lessons include practical "how-to" information and takes a hands on approach, so you start playing from lesson one.  Whether you want to learn the acoustic guitar or its electric counterpart you will find everything you need on Pluck And Play!
What are you waiting for?

Get started right now!

"Im loving the site. So far I've learned the basic chords and all the scales. I'm amazed at how easy the guitar really is!"
"You've done a really great job of putting this site up. I've truly learnt a lot from you and now I can play most songs that I can think of. I'm getting into a band soon and that's all thanks to you."
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