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The Googling Guitarist - Information Overload
February 15, 2010

Is this what's keeping you from learning the guitar...

The Internet can be a great blessing to young and up-and-coming musicians, or it can be the biggest curse to come your way. It all depends on how you utilize it...

Today, if you google something like 'Free Guitar Lessons' you are literally bombarded with millions of sites providing 'free' lessons. Most of these sites are set up by amateurs who have little or no experience in guitar tuition. Go to Youtube and look for guitar lessons and you'll find thousands of lessons - indeed it would seem that anyone with a guitar and a webcam has his own guitar school, and each one of them has a different idea of what you should learn first.

It's enough to put anyone off. The information overload linked to the many confusing and sometimes misleading guitar sites, leaves many despondent.

By jumping from site to site and following the advice of every self proclaimed guitar-guru, you will end up confused. This is NOT the way to try and learn guitar. My advice has always been to put on your Internet blinders and follow a structured lessons program, thereby avoiding the noise the googling-guitarist is addicted to.

The free, video based lessons plan on my site has been proved time and again to work for newbies who want to learn the guitar and have little of no musical knowledge. Try it! It has always been 100% free and always will be.

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Share you gear! Do you have a cool or interesting guitar you want to share with the world. The newest section on will allow you to do that. Visit Share you Gear and upload a description and picture to share with the world the instrument you use to stun the crowd with :-)

Ask a Guitar Question
Dreaming of stardom and the Rock 'n Roll lifestyle? Great! Just don't make the same mistake most new musicians-to-be make: Not getting a good foundation on the absolute basics of their instruments and practice sessions.

If you're new to guitar and want to start learning you probably have a couple of questions and this page gives you the opportunity to ask them. First though, if you haven't been there, head over to the Learn Guitar FAQ page to see if your answer isn't there already...

If not, hop over to my Ask a Guitar Question page, ask anything related to learning guitar or music production in general, and you'll receive an answer in a day or two. My promise!

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