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Pluck and Play Guitar Newsletter - March 2010
March 27, 2010

Welcome to the March 2010 edition of the Pluck and Play Guitar Newsletter.

I trust that all is going well with your guitar learning and that you're improving daily.

In this Issue:
1. What's new at
2. Guitar Backing Tracks
3. Musician's Friend

What's new at

I've been doing a lot of updating on the site and am currently busy building a couple of new sections on more advanced guitar lessons and techniques. If there's anything specific you need a lesson about, feel free to reply to this mail and let me know.

Best Guitar Riffs
A collection of the most sought after guitar riffs with FREE video based lessons and tabs. If you want to play some guitar riffs from classic rock and pop songs like Smoke on the Water, Sweet Child 'o mine, Nothing else Matters and Stairway to Heaven, then have a look at this fresh section at

Common problems to learning the guitar
This new section covers some of the basic problems new guitarists run into when learning the instrument from scratch. If you're struggling with sore fingers, hand pain or simply changing chords, have a look at this section and you're bound to find some help.

Online Guitar Tools
I've compiled a list of online tools that can be used and accessed from this one page. Everything from an online tuner and metronome to chord finders is on here. These tools are essentials and should aid you in the learning process.

Guitar Backing Tracks

Guitar Backing tracks are the best way to practice certain songs or to just jam your heart out. There's nothing like playing the guitar and sounding like you've got a rock band behind you.

So unless you've got a millionaire grandpa who's willing to pay the thousands of dollars needed to hire studio musicians every time you want to play with a decent band, backing tracks are the way to go...

Maybe you are in a band, but your band sucks (we've all been there :-), get a backing track and play with the pros.

Click here for more info on Guitar Backing Tracks

Musician's Friend

Musician's Friend remains the number one online retailer for guitar and other musical instruments. If you're looking at buying a new instrument or even something small like a Capo or Guitar stand, I highly recommend you check out Musician's friend before you simply run down to your local music store.

Their prices are usually better than those at offline stores and they've got free delivery with most orders. So if you're into instrument shopping, check them out!

Ask a Guitar Question
Just a reminder to make use of the Guitar Questions section on This handy feature allows you to ask specific guitar-related questions and receive an answer in a day or two. If you've got any specific questions feel free to ask away and be helped!

That's all from me for March, I hope you have a blessed month and may your guitar skills continue growing!

Leon Webmaster -

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