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Forget it... you'll probably never learn guitar
May 18, 2011

Forget it, you'll probably never learn guitar... never mind becoming a serious musician.

This is the honest words of comfort and hope that most struggling guitarists who are using the internet to learn, need to hear.

Cruel and insensitive? Accurate might be more like it. If you're not one of them, then at least I'm sure you can count on one hand the number of people you know who've passionately bought a guitar and set out to learn it, and are today good at plucking and playing.

The hard reality is that most people simply doesn't have what it takes to learn to play the guitar well. It looks easy from a distance and sounds great to hear some pro play in a way that makes your toes curl up, but getting there yourself... well that's another thing altogether.

Far be it from me to dissuade anyone with passion to learn the instrument, but it seems that with the dawn on the Internet age, that anything that takes effort, persistence and will draw you out of your comfort zone (like practice!) - is taking a back seat.

Are you serious about guitar?

Take this test to determine how serious you are about learning the guitar...

1. Have you learned any new songs in the last month?
2. What new techniques have you learned in the last 2-3 months of playing?
3. How many hours of practice do you put in a week?
4. What is your ultimate goal as a guitarist?

In a previous newsletter I've talked about the phenomenon of the "Googling Guitarist" (not my phrase, got it from someone else). The basic idea behind this guy is that he jumps around from site to site, free lesson to tabs and song way to difficult to them.

It's the curse that most Internet musicians seem to struggle with, and it usually shows in their playing.

In contrast to this approach, diligently following a set lessons structure like that of Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar, or the set of free lessons over at my site, produces results (when done with persistence and dedication).

Recently one visitor to my site had the following to say: Im loving the site. So far I've learned the basic chords and all the scales. I'm amazed at how easy the guitar really is!

So if you've lost some of the dedication you had when you started out this journey of learning guitar, let this serve as a new inspiration for you. You'll see little end results with the "googling" or drifting approach. Get a set of lessons that works for you, and stick to them!


Electric guitar Reviews

A new section of the site has been completed, and focuses on reviews of some of the most popular electric guitar available today, all in different price ranges to fit any budget.

So if you're still in the market for a new guitar, head over to the Electric Guitar Reviews section of the site for a peek at selected instruments.

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