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Baby Taylor Guitar Reviews

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Taylor introduced its Baby (three quarters) series in 1996 and proved that scaled down guitars could be well built and attractive. 

The Taylor GS Mini features flawless construction with a body that's small enough, that it's comfortable playing when sitting down.  It also sounds like a full-size guitar.  Strummed with soft or medium attack this guitar produces warm and clear tone that features a bright treble and rich bass.

Its wide dynamic range, clear tone and long sustain makes it a great guitar to strum or fingerpick.  And it certainly falls within the affordable price range.

It has a low action (factory set this way), which means it's real easy to play and might be an ideal choice for newer players or kids, simply for that reason.

The best feature of this guitar is its strong sustain that helps to drone notes.  This is a great guitar for frequent travellers, outdoor players.

Watch more baby tailor guitar reviews in the video below.  This video is courtesy of the official Acoustic Guitar Magazine:


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These detailed baby taylor guitar reviews will convince you that the Taylor GS Mini is one heck of an investment for any musician.
Taylor GS Mini
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