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Barre Chords


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The E-major shape barre chord uses the same shape as the normal E guitar chord, but with different fingers.  The reason for that is that we want our index finger to be free (we're gonna use it to bar over a fret).

This is what it would normally look like when you play the E chord...

Barre Chords using the E-Major shape are the most common and widely used.
Here's how to play them on the guitar...

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E Guitar Chord on Guitar
E Guitar chord Chart
If you don't have a clue what these pictures mean, please head over to the basic guitar chords section and get those nailed down first hey...
We're now going to play the same E-chord shape, using different fingers.  This is what it should look like on the guitar.
Notice that the index finger is free?  That's what we want.
Now we're going to maintain that shape, move our hand up the fretboard until our middle finger is on the 4th fret, and then use out index finger to fret (barre) all the strings on the 3rd fret.  Here's what it should look like...
You're now playing the G Barre chord.

This is what it'll look like in chord chart format.  The arch connecting the 1's mean that the index finger (finger 1), is used to bar over the fret.
Difficult at first right?  This shape is called the E-major Barre chord shape and with it, you can play any major chord on the guitar.  By keeping your fingers in that shape and simply moving you hand up and down the neck of the guitar, you're playing different keys.
Now you know the major barre chord shape and how to play it on the guitar.  The following lessons will teach you how to use it in songs.

Let's proceed to the Minor Barre chords lessons.
E bar chord shape
G Barre Chord Shape
E Bar Chord Chart
G Bar Chord Chart
Here's what it should sound and look like:
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