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Basic Guitar Chords

Master the nine basic guitar chords and you'll be able to play thousands of songs from most artists in the pop/rock genre.  Many beginner players feel overwhelmed when they see chord charts with hundreds of hard to read (and hard to remember!) chords. 
But with nine basic chords and some ability to transpose (rearrange song keys), you can play most stuff from Abba to Zeppelin...

Through the years that I've been performing and playing the guitar, I've learned hundreds of chords, but when performing, I usually try and stick to very basic chords like G, C, D, Em, A etc. 

Why? Because in all honesty if you're singing and providing your own musical accompaniment you don't want every second note to be a C sharp minor seventh diminished (C#m7).  Just look at that thing! Would you want to play that and sing some tricky Oasis single at the same time?  My philosophy is to KISS the guitar (that stands for Keep It Simple Stupid!, and with a Capo, it really is possible!)

A guitar remains the most versatile of instruments (except maybe for.... uh...  the recorder, but who wants to sing along with a recorder around a campfire??) 
Ready to make the guitar sound like an instrument?
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Basic Guitar Chords
Teach yourself a couple of chords and wherever you, your guitar and your sheet music go, you'll be able to make melody to friends and family or crowds of fans.  The choice is yours...

The lessons below will take you through some very basic chords and includes videos, photos and detailed instructions so
you'll know exactly which finger goes where and what it should look and sound like.

Is it hard?  Maybe... in the beginning.  But with some practice and motivation anyone can do it!
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