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Beginner Guitar Tabs

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A very popular tab amongst many players that basically consists of playing arpeggios at a rather fast pace with specific timing.  This one is meant to be played with a pick.
House of the Rising Sun
(by The Animals)
This is a GREAT tab for new players since it doesn't require intricate finger work or serious experience with various techniques, and still sounds great.  Great for building confidence on the electric or acoustic by seeing how simple great sounding melodies really are.
Shine (by Collective Soul)
Landslide (by Fleetwood Mac)
A beautiful fingerpicked ballad that sounds great on acoustic guitars.  This lesson is perfect for anyone wanting to build up finger strength and master fingerpicking.
Hotel California (by The Eagles)
Who doesn't want a room in the Hotel California?  It's a great song with an incredible melody and a haunting story, but requires a fair amount of tricky fingerpicking to sound authentic.
This song was originally sung by Leonard Cohen, made famous by Jeff Buckley, and then covered by many others.  The version I'm using here was used in the movie Shrek.  Tab consists of Arpeggio fingerpicking.
Hallelujah (by Rufus Wainwright)
This mesmerizing song is a personal favourite and receives a low difficulty rating since, as the tab indicates, the fretwork is straightforward.  Take note of the strange tuning though.
Iris (by Goo Goo Dolls)
The Green Manalishi
(by Fleetwood Mac)
A 70's Metal number with power chords, heavy distortion and a complicated solo.
Wonderwall (by Oasis)
This is the song (along with a few Guns 'n Roses Hits) that nearly every beginner to intermediate player tries to master at one stage or another, and it's for good reason.  Consists of fairly straightforward strumming with interesting chord positions.
The tab for Californication consists primarily of the guitar inlay played throughout the verses and receives a high difficulty rating since it has some fast hammer & pull-off finger work.
(by Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
The Canadian Rockers' ubiquitous title was originally played on an electric with a nice 80's distortion, but you can do with it what you wish since acoustic renditions sound nice as well.
Seven Nation Army
(by The White Stripes)
Everybody Hurts (by REM)
Another Arpeggio driven ballad that sounds great on electrics and nylon-stringed instruments alike.
All the Small Things (by Blink 182)
This, the poster song for punk rock, is uncomplicated with simple power chords repeated throughout, although at a somewhat brisk pace.
Normal power chords with a two string solo, the only tricky thing here is the fact that the band that made it famous (Van Halen), played it at lightning fast speeds!
You Really Got Me
(by Van Halen / The Kinks)
Clocks is a piano-driven song but sounds equally great on the guitar.  This tab transcribes the piano overlay that is used throughout the verses, into an Arpeggio for acoustic or electric guitar.
Zombie (by The Cranberries)
Needs a heavy, crunchy distortion to sound authentic.  Zombie has a nice power chord melody with an uncomplicated solo that should suit intermediate players.
Chances are, if you don't remember this band's name, you'll still recognise the melody.  It's a one-stringed-thing, simple to replicate with straightforward power-chord choruses.
A selection of beginner guitar tabs aimed at the novice to intermediate player - difficulty rating is provided out of 10 -

If you do not know how to read Internet Guitar Tablature check out my simple and straight forward guide on the How to Read Tabs page.  Other things that might help with some of the more complicated tabs below include an understanding of basic guitar techniques and the
essential guitar scales.
PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep these beginner guitar tabs simple they (1) are many times not in the same key as the original song, and (2) sometimes exclude parts of the song like the bridge or solo which requires more advanced skill.
Clocks (by Coldplay)
Summer of '69 (by Bryan Adams)
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