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Behringer Amp - Ultracoustic ACX450 Acoustic Amplifier Review

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Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The Behringer ACX450 amp is a 45W, 2-channel amplifier that features an original 8" speaker for true acoustic fidelity. It includes 2 independent FX processors and an ultra-musical, 5-band graphic EQ for each channel plus the revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system to reduce feedback in an instant. The guitar amp also comes with a dual footswitch FS112.

The Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450 Amp is a 45 Watt, two channel amp designed for use with acoustic instruments and for vocalists.  This one forms the perfect companion for singer-songwriters and solo artists...
With two independent channels, each with separate Gain and FX controls, the Behringer ACX450 makes for ideal use with a guitar and a microphone. At 45 Watts, this amp can make plenty of sound for home use, intimate settings, and small gigs.

This amp features an eight inch dual-cone speaker that recreates all the subtle details of an acoustic instrument's sound perfectly with a sweet, clear tone. This Behringer amp also features two 24-bit digital FX processors that each control sixteen effects including reverb, modulation, delay, and other effects combinations.
Behringer Ultracoustic Amp
Behringer Ultracoustic ACX450 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
These effects work to enhance, not change, the sound of acoustic instruments, allowing the true sound of an instrument to shine through.

An individual 5-band graphic equalizer for each channel allows for complete control over tonal nuances. This amp can masterfully bring out or reduce high, low, or mid tones without sacrificing the authenticity and clarity of an acoustic guitar's natural sound. Being able to add subtle effects and control tonal balances with the Behringer amp coaxes new and beautiful sounds out of an instrument without sacrificing any tonal quality.

This amp features a highly useful advanced FBQ Feedback Detection System that is designed to stop feedback before it starts by detecting critical frequencies. This amp also features a unique CD input feature for playing along with pre-recorded music. The included dual footswitch makes adjusting settings and controls easy as a tap of the foot, making this the ideal amp for playing lives.

This Behringer amp visually stands out from the crowd with its warm gold toned metal details, and vintage-inspired body. The rust-colored, distressed leather exterior gives this amp an earthy look that marries form with the Behringer's function as an acoustic amplifier, staying true to nature and simplicity. The arrangement of knobs and sliders along the front is designed to make adjusting tone and volume simple and intuitive.

Weighing in at only twenty-one pounds, this amp is highly portable but built to last with quality construction from German engineer Behringer. The only drawback to this amp is that it does not have an output jack for connecting it to a larger rig. Still, this amp provides enough watts for small or medium-sized venues and reproduces acoustic sounds with enough clarity and fidelity to be well worth its moderate price.

Singer-songwriters, solo players and buskers with find this piece of amplification equipment simply indispensible.  A great, versatile tool at a very affordable price.
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