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Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

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Hello there Blues, blues how do you do...

There are plenty of Blues Guitar Backing tracks scattered all over the Internet, but finding decent and useable ones is a hassle.  So I've done the searching for you and compiled a list of the best Blues Guitar backing tracks on the Internet.

If you're unfamiliar with guitar backing tracks and their purpose see this article.

These backing tracks compliment the Blues Guitar Lessons on this site and most of the riffs, licks and songs you can learn there, can be used with these tracks.  Try them out!

Tracks are in MP3 format and can be listened to online or downloaded to your computer.  Click on the links to open the files in a new window.

12 Bar Blues Back Track (Full Length)
This is the main backing track to be used in conjunction with the Blues Guitar Lessons on this site.  It's a classic 12 Bar progression in the key of E at a moderate tempo.

12 Bar Blues Back Track (Short Version)
A short version (33 second) with just enough music for one 12 bar play-through.  Great for practicing riffs or turnarounds.

12 Bar Blues Back Track (Longer Version)
This is a longer version of the same track.  It provides 4 x 12bar's worth of music.

12 Bar Boogie Blues Back Track
A 12 Bar variation using a boogie rhythm.

12 Bar Boogie Blues Back Track (Key of E)
Same as above, but faster and in the key of E

Blues Shuffle in E Major
A slow Blues shuffle in E, similar to the standard 12 Bar, but with a slightly different sound.  Features a turnaround intro.

Blues Shuffle in E Major (Faster)
Same as the above track, but at a faster tempo and a more rhyhtmic sound.

Minor Blues Back Track
Slow Minor sound, good for practicing licks.

Slow Blues Back Track in Am
A back track in A minor with a real slow tempo, great with lick improvisation.

Rock and Roll Blues Back Track
Elvis Presley style Rock and Roll Blues in E.

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Blues Guitar Backing Tracks provide excellent backing for students learning to master Blues Guitar.  Grab you free tracks here.
If you haven't been there yet, head over to the Blues Guitar Chords lesson for some riffs to use these tracks with.

Or check out the Blues Guitar Licks section for more material.
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