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Blues Turnarounds

In the previous lesson, we looked at two easy Blues turnarounds.  If you haven't been there I suggest you learn those two first before proceeding.

Here are two more Blues Turnaround licks.  See if you can master these and then we'll combine a turnaround with the 12-Bar Blues structure for a complete Blues riff.

Turnaround 3

This counterpoint lick features three guitar strings being plucked at the same time, two of which produce tones going in opposite directions.  The combined sound of the three voices creates a unique sound that works in modern or delta blues. 
Here's the Tab:

This free Blues Guitar Lesson will teach you two popular Blues turnarounds and help you combine them with a 12-Bar structure.

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Watch the video below to see and hear what the above Tab, Blues Turnaround number 3, should sound and look like.  The fingering for this tab can be tricky, so be sure to take note of how it's played on the video.
Turnaround 4

This is a turnaround lick in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughn and, once mastered, is sure to impress anybody.  It's a cool sounding piece of lead blues that'll compliment any 12-Bar Blues Rhythm.  Here's the Tab:
Watch the video below to see and hear what the above Tab, Blues Turnaround number 4, should sound and look like.
Blues Turnaround 1
Blues Turnarond 2
Combining a turnaround with a 12 bar progression

Ok, now that you
've got four Blues Turnarounds mastered, let's take the most basic of these, Turnaround 1 (in the previous lesson), and play it within a rhythm section.

Remember that turnarounds serve as intros and endings to Blues progressions so we're going to be playing the turnaround once as a start, then kick off with the 12-Bar Blues progression in E (The one we learned right at the beginning using E, A and D chords), and finish off with the same turnaround.
Watch the video below to what this sound and look like.  On this video I'm playing the standard Blues Turnaround, followed by the 12 Bar Chord Progression, and repeat the turnaround after the end of the 11th Bar.  Sound really cool, try it!
Tip: If you feel confident with this riff, use one of these Backing Tracks to practice the 12 bar blues with all four turnarounds. It's the best and quickest way to master them.
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