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C Guitar Chord

For most musicians it all begins with C.  As young aspiring Beethovens, most elementry school children are taught middle C as their first note on the piano.  But this particular note, in its chord form, is one of the more difficult on the guitar. 
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A different view:  This is where you will press the strings on the neck
C Guitar Chord Chart
C Guitar Chord
Follow the instructions on the C chord chart and press the 5th string on the third fret, the 4th string of the second fret and the 2nd string on the first fret.  This is what it should look like:
Note:  For clarity's sake I've kept my pinkie out of the way for the picture, but when you play the note you can have your pinkie beside the ring finger (as long as it doesn't touch any strings :-)  It's more natural that way...

With the C Chord it's especially important to only allow your fingers to touch and press the strings you're supposed to fret.  Don't touch any of the other strings.  If you do they will sound muted and the chord will not resonate clearly.
Time to strum...
While pressing the C chord with your left hand, you are now going to perform the basic strumming pattern with your right hand.  This is what it should look and sound like:
Basic Guitar Strumming Pattern
Plus Sign
Equal Sign
Take some time to practice the C chord and the switch between C, D, G and Em.  Experiment with these chords and try switching between different ones using alternate strumming patterns.
C Guitar Chord Chart
C guitar Chord
C Guitar Chord Chart
C Chord on Guitar
Are you comfortable with the first four guitar chords?

If you've mastered the G, D, Em and C chords congrationlations are in order.  Many new and aspiring guitarists dream of the glory of the musicians lifestyle, but are not willing to put in the work it takes to be able to play even the most basic chords.  If you've come this far and have mastered the first four guitar chords, the rest will indeed be easier.  If you've come this far it also means you've got the determination and motivation it takes to be a quality guitar player.

You are well on your way to mastering your new instrument.  So what's next?  Well you've got five more chords to learn and then you can start looking at more advanced playing styles like scales and guitar techniques which add some funk to your playing.

You have three options as to what you want to do next:
If you want to learn the remaining five of the nine basic guitar chords have a look at the Easy Guitar Chords page for charts and photo's of the A, Am, B7, F and E chords.
If you want to play some simple guitar songs that use basic guitar chords go to the Easy Guitar Songs page.
If you want a free printable guitar chord chart with the basic chords or more, go to the Guitar Chord Charts page.

Involving three frets and spanning four strings, new guitar players always struggle with C.  It will take some practice to be able to play this one without muting any of the other strings.
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