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FAQ: Can anyone learn guitar?

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A:  In one word:  Absolutely!  The wonderful thing about learning guitar is that you don't need a musical background or experience to start learning, you simply copy and mimic and allow your natural ability to grow that way.

When learning the piano, violin or saxophone there are usually lots of theory you need to study and memorize before you actually start playing the instrument.  For example: It's pretty impossible to play a classical piece on the piano if you don't know how to read musical notation.  And reaching the point where you can play fluently from a sheet full of notes takes months.

Of course that doesn't mean piano, or any instrument, isn't worthy of your time.   It just means that the guitar might be a really good starting place for people with no musical experience.

The great thing about guitar is that with a few simple chords and the ability to read and play tablature, you will already sound as if you know what you're doing.  And of course, you'll also be able to play most of your favourite songs.

My lessons uses photos, graphics and video's so you'll know exactly what everything need to look and sound like.  This is a huge advantage over lessons that only use text explanations.  This means you simply copy what you see and hear on the video and/or photo and uncover your hidden musical talents in this way.

Q: I have no musical background or have never played an instrument.  Will I still be able to learn the guitar?  Can anyone learn guitar?
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