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Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitars

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In the world of guitar, cheap doesn't have to mean low-quality.

If you know what to look and listen for, you can find a quality instrument for a budget price.  If you're a first time buyer, get an acoustic with low action.  The higher the action, the more pressure needs to be applied to the strings to have them resonate clearly - not nice for new fingertips...

Note that these are steel stringed acoustic guitars with pickups and are therefore slightly more expensive then it's unplugged counterparts.  If you don't need a guitar that can 'plug in' head on over to the acoustic section for unplugged guitars.

These cheap acoustic electric guitars have been handpicked as decent entry-level instruments that won't break the bank, but have quality design that will deliver decent tone.

Rogue Grand Concert Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
The Rogue Concert cutaway features 21 frets and a fishman pickup that deliver good tone.  This guitar delivers a very good, loud and bright sound.  It has a attractive finish with a good looking sunburst spruce top.  This Rogue is excellent value for money and over delivers for the price.  The only con being that it doesn't have a strap button, but this is a minor that can be added for a dollar.
No strap button aaah...
Fishman pickups!
Good value for money
Excellent looking finish
Good sound - loud & clear
This Epiphone guitar delivers very good bright sound with excellent tonality.  It has warm tones, with good bass and mids - great for an inexpensive guitar.  It also features a nice finish and the fact that there are no fret buzz indicates a solidly built body.  The pickup doesn't have a onboard tuner and equalizer so you'll need an external tuner for this one.
No onboard tuner and equalizer
Pretty good value
No fret buzz to speak of
Solid Finish
Rich warm sound
Ibanez is renowned for great quality and good craftsmanship.  The V70CE has an impressive sound for its price and stays in tune very well.  It has a durable design and a gorgeous finish.  To top things off, the action on this one is nice and low, great for newbies.  Buy it!
Eeem.. no coffee machine included??
Nice low action
Attractive finish
Durable Design
Great sound
When looking for cheap acoustic electric guitars, Ibanez never dissapoint.  The IJAE5 JamPack is aimed at new players, but the guitar will do for more advanced players as well.  It has a great tone and the included amp is great for home practice.  This guitar also has an onboard tuner.  The black look and cutaway style looks great.  You'll probably want to replace the shipped strings with a quality set.  This is a great package from a company with an excellent track record.
Replace factory strings
Superb looking design
Onboard Tuner
Nice Amp included
Great tone
If you know of any cheap acoustic electric guitars I should include in this list, or if you spot a wrong price, please let me know
Rogue Grand Concert Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sunburst
Epiphone AJ-100CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Chrome Hardware
Ibanez V Series V70CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black
Ibanez IJAE5 JamPack Jolt/SE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Pack Black
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