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Cheap guitars are low quality right?  Wrong... If you're looking to start out with the guitar, you'll be glad to know that there are amazing guitar deals on quality instruments for new players. 

Twenty years ago any guitar under $100 would probably not have been worth your money, but things have changed... 

Cheap Acoustic Guitars
Cheap Electric Guitars
What are you looking for?
Nowadays you don't need to spend thousands of dollars for top notch instruments - the reality is that you can get a well built, stylish looking instrument with decent sound and good tone for fairly cheap.  The guitar industry have evolved to the point where most people on a budget can still sound like a professional.

Most people miss the really good stuff since they don't know what to look for...
If you're a total newbie to stringed instruments, buying a new one from your local music store can be a challenge and commision-driven sales reps don't always have you're best interest at heart.

So what do you do?  Well, educate yourself before you go into the store.  Learn what to look for and what to expect.  For starters this should help:  I've compiled a list of pointers to look out for when buying a new guitar - click here.
Ok, where are the cheap guitars!?!?
Here they are!  I've done hours of research (no, really) and handpicked a select few models from well known brands that offer good bang-for-your-buck.
Cheap Acoustic-Electric Guitars

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Musician's Friend is the online guitar retailer of choice when it comes to pricing and
shipping.  Their products are decently prices (usually lower than you local music store
will be), and they offer free shipping for many guitar related products.  If you're looking
to buy a specific guitar, I highly recommend you check their site out.
Cheap Acoustic Electric Guitars
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