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Easy Guitar Chords

This page lists nine easy guitar chords.  Know these and you'll be able to play thousands of songs from most well known rock and pop artists. 
And most of the stuff in between!
Em Guitar chord Chart
Em Guitar chord Chart
Em Guitar Chord on Guitar
A Guitar Chord
A Guitar chord chart
B7 Guitar chord
B7 Guitar chord chart
C Guitar chord
C Guitar chord Chart
D Guitar chord
D Guitar chord Chart
E Guitar chord
E Guitar chord Chart
F Guitar chord
F Guitar chord Chart
G Guitar chord
G Guitar chord Chart
Am Guitar chord
Am Guitar chord chart
D Guitar Chord on Guitar
G Guitar Chord on Guitar
A Guitar Chord on Guitar
F Guitar Chord on Guitar
E Guitar Chord on Guitar
C Guitar Chord on Guitar
B7 Guitar Chord on Guitar
Am Guitar Chord on Guitar
Learn these chords with step-by-step lessons and instructional videos

If you want a printable guitar chord chart with these, and other chords visit PluckAndPlay's printable chord charts section.  For some popular songs you can play with these chord have a look at easy guitar songs.

If you're a new guitar player the best way to learn these chords is throught the free step-by-step lessons with instructional videos found here.  Enjoy!
Ready to start picking?
Once you know the nine basic guitar chords proceed
to the next lesson - How to read Guitar Tabs

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This page lists the eight basic guitar chords, but for a more in depth look I
recommend you check out a product called Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar
It's a home study course that's consistently rated as the top guitar instructional
course for self-study.  The course has of hours of video teaching geared
specifically at chords in all it's forms.

I've done a review of the course which you can read here, or head over to their
website for a look at what they can teach you.  This course has recieved high
praise indeed, and if your serious about learning guitar, I recommend you check it
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