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Here are some more easy guitar scales.  Are you comfortable with the Major Scale?  What about the master of all rock scales, the minor pentatonic?  If you know how to play these there are three more scales to add to your repertoire before you can call yourself king of the scales:

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Easy Guitar Scales

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The Blues scale looks exactly like the Minor Pentatonic Scale but has one added note (one per octave, two for the entire scale).  This note adds that extra trademark 'bluesy' sound to the scale and is called the 'blue note'.  More on Blues Guitar and Scales in my Blues Guitar Lessons Section.
The Blues Scale
The Minor Scale spans over five frets and requires you to shift your hands position when reaching the fourth string.  Start by spanning your hand over the four frets the first three strings are played in.  When you reach the 4th string move your hand one fret left, play the string, and then back again when you reach the 5th string.
The Minor Scale
Some people prefer to play the Major Pentatonic Scale like this, while others like to play the notes on the last two strings with the 1 and 3 fingers, which will require you to shift your hands position when you reach 5th string.  Try and Practice both methods.

The Major Pentatonic Scale is basically a version of the Major scale with two notes removed.

What's the best way to practice these easy guitar scales?

If you're a new guitar player, practice them every day as a warm up to your playing, or just before you finish your playing session.  Run your fingers through the frets by switching between different scales and playing them at different speeds on different parts of the fretboard.

Of course, you'll need a scale chart handy right?  Don't worry, I've got a printable scale chart you can download and use on the next page.
The Major Pentatonic  Scale
Blues Scale
Major Pentatonic Scale
Minor Scale
Where to From Here?

For a deeper look at scales I reiterate my recommendation for Guitar Scale Mastery.  This is one of those products that'll help you transition from being able to play lullaby's around the campfire, to soloing, riffing, improvising and rocking on stage.

Aimed at intermediate & advanced players who've mastered guitar basics, this product will teach you a unique and powerful way to internalize scales, so as make your playing more natural and your soloing more spontaneous.

Read my guitar scale mastery review for a deeper look.
The Major Pentatonic, Blues and Minor guitar scales.  In all the videos below, I've played the scales in the key of A (Root note on the 5th fret)
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