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Easy Guitar Songs

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Can you...

- Play the basic guitar chords?

- Switch between A through G without irritating your mom/little brother/audience?

- Strum with your hands or a pick? (Other body parts excluded)

If that's you then I have a free gift for you (if it's not you, you need to go and learn first) - The gift is this:  An E-book that took me a while to compile, but contains the chords to a couple of easy to play (and mostly well liked) songs.
Easy Guitar Songs E-book
Strum-along-songs are a great way to practice chords, especially since practicing chords by themselves becomes boring pretty fast.

A Free E-book with chords for popular songs!? What's the catch?

The catch is that I want you to subscribe to my e-mail list.  It's called Guitar-Tips-And-Tricks and contains a boatload of information for up and coming (to intermediate) guitarists.  Don't take my word for it, read the testimonials to the left...  Subscribe, and as my thank you I'll send you the Easy guitar songs E-book.

Note that this book
does not contain any lyrics!  I'm not legally allowed to distribute lyrics in this way, but have provided links to the lyrics in the book.
Subscribe below to Guitar-Tips-And-Tricks and recieve your 100% free download link
I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic website. I'm new to the guitar and have found  your website brilliant and very informative.
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Absolutely incredibly usefull information in these emails! And all of this free! Unbelievable, you must be an amazing person - My wife (ok, the rest are real)
Thanks for the encouraging and sound advice.  If only my dad had your visual insight.  Keep it comin, and thanks again - John H
Thanks Buddy for your encouragement and support.  Looking forward to learning more from you every day - Ashok
Thank you for the amount of effort you've put into developing such an easy but very rich content on a couple of pages - Walaa from Saudi Arabia
Thank you for your emails, it keeps me interested as I’m just starting guitar.  It’s difficult to keep going and find inspiration as I don't have any spare money to pay for lessons.  A big thanks for your site I have learned a lot in short time - Charlie from the UK