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Easy Guitar Songs

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Can you...

- Play the basic guitar chords?

- Switch between A through G without irritating your mom/little brother/audience?

- Strum with your hands or a pick? (Other body parts excluded)

If that's you then I have a free gift for you (if it's not you, you need to go and learn first) - The gift is this:  An E-book that took me a while to compile, but contains the chords to a couple of easy to play (and mostly well liked) songs.
Easy Guitar Songs E-book
Strum-along-songs are a great way to practice chords, especially since practicing chords by themselves becomes boring pretty fast.

A Free E-book with chords for popular songs!? What's the catch?

No Catch, just enjoy the site and songs!

Download link
I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic website. I'm new to the guitar and have found  your website brilliant and very informative.
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