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Epiphone Les Paul Studio Review


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Everyone dreams of owning a flashy Gibson, but at a starting price of well over $1000, the standard Les Paul Gibson is simply out of the price range of many, especially newer players.

The Epiphone Les Paul Studio gives any player the opportunity to experience the feel and sound of a Gibson, without breaking the bank.

This guitar features a set mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard.  Its mahogany body features standard chrome hardware with two Alnico classic humbucker pickups that produce great fat tone (just like its older brother, the original Gibson).

The guitar has a smooth and nice action that makes for fast fretting on the neck.  It's hardware is durable and design solid.  It comes in a variety of different colours.

For around $350 this is probably the best beginner guitar out there and will give you great value for your money.

Here's a nice comprehensive video review (courtesy of the GuitarVibe website):
Epiphone Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar Ebony
Epiphone Les Paul Studio
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Have a look at this guitar on using the link below:
Epiphone Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar Ebony