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Everything Sounds wrong when I play!

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Sure doesn't sound like on your videos...
If you're playing chords or notes and it's sounding very different than it does on my videos (or the way you know it's supposed to sound), there's usually one reason.  I'm assuming that you're fretting the correct notes on the next strings and playing everything according to instruction, and yet your guitar is still sounding wrong. 

In which case I've got one word for you: TUNING!

"But I did tune my guitar!" you argue.  Yes, but did you tune it right?  Here's a list to go through...

- Are you using the correct tuning?  Your guitar is tuned to Standard Tuning when the strings (from thickest to thinnest) is tuned to E, A, D, G, B, E.  However, the song you're trying to play, might need a different tuning.  Many guitarists that play genres of rock and metal music sometimes use different tunings such as Drop D tuning or C tuning.  These tunings will of course have your guitar sound completely different than when in standard tuning. 

Have a look at the tab or chord sheet of the song you're trying to learn and it'll usually state the tuning to be used.  Then make sure you guitar is tuned to that tuning.

- What kind of electronic tuner are you using?  If you're using a $1.99 special you bought at a flea market, don't even bother.  Some tuners are just plain junk and should be thrown in the trash.  Invest in a decent tuner (they're not even expensive!) and make sure you don't sound false because of cheap electronics.

- Batteries.  Simple but often overlooked - Make sure the batteries in your electronic tuner are not going flat - something that will no doubt influence the tuner's accuracy.

- Are you tuning by ear?  Tuning by ear is ideal for someone with good pitch and instrumental experience.  However, if you've never played an instrument before, your untrained ears might be a temporary reason for not being able to tune properly by ear.  If it doubt, take the easy route by connecting your guitar to a decent electronic tuner and following the indicators on the tuner to tune your guitar properly.

If you haven't been there yet, have a look at the Guitar Tuning Section on this site.  Everything you need to know about tuning is explained there, as well as a free online electronic tuner you can use.

If everything sounds wrong when you're playing on your guitar it most probably means you're doing something wrong.  This page will go into possible solutions.

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