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Free Online Guitar Lessons

Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners

No more 'which finger goes where again?!'  Just click play and know exactly what do to and what it should look like...

Here are some questions you probably need answered before jumping into the pool of chords, scales and strumming...
What will I learn?

With these free guitar lessons for beginners you will start with the four basic and easiest guitar chords that will enable you to play some of the world's most well known songs.  With four chords?  Yip, with G, C, D and Em you can play most things from Abba to Zeppelin.  Then you'll look at more chords, move on to scales (picking) and look at some techniques that add funk and spice to your playing...

Will my fingers hurt?

The short answer is YES.  The longer one is complicated and involves a lot of euphemisms and rhetoric in attempting to explain the difference between pain and discomfort, but in all honesty...  Yeah your fingers will hurt in the beginning and it's perfectly normal.  Once you start playing on a regular basis you'll be surprised how quickly your fingertips develop callouses, which means it won't hurt anymore.

What kind of guitar do I need?

Choose between the three types of mainstream guitars:

(1) Electric guitar - popular among anyone and everyone
(2) Acoustic guitar - Steel stringed, for a beginner that means 'ouch'
(3) Classical guitar - Nylon strings, softer on the fingers.

Personally I have found Classical guitars are good for beginners.  The nylon strings are gentler with new fingers and the bigger fretboard (neck) and distance between strings makes things easier.  Nevertheless, many people start with Acoustic or Electric guitar (I did!) and there's no disadvantage in doing so. You choose.

I want to rock like [rock-band-subject-name-here]! How long?

Everyone wants to jam like the pros and play seven minute solos that'll stun the crowd and cause the fans to faint like 5th graders at a ToysRUs Exhibition.  That's a great dream, but be realistic and remember that everyone starts at the bottom...

Finger strength and technique take a couple of months to grow and master and then begins the process of fine tuning and growing your skills.  All in all, if you want to be a professional player it's going to take some long term dedication and commitment.  Start with these free lessons and take from there!
Ready for your lessons? Let's go!

If you're interested in some basic theory and a overview of parts of the guitar go here.

Otherwise, jump right in: Free guitar lessonsfor beginners -  Lesson 1 - Guitar Tuning
Anyone can learn to play the guitar and my free guitar lessons for beginners will make the process fun and easy.  The instructional videos and photos means you'll have a personal tutor by your side throughout and will help you avoid the confusion that text only lessons bring...

"This Is The Best site that had ever taught me step by step on how to play a guitar.  I am slowly processing through the instructions and I am picking everything up so ever quickly, Thank You!"
All of these questions (and many more) are covered in much more
detail in my Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners Frequently Asked
Questions section.  If you're unsure about something, or if you're not
sure what kind of guitar to buy, I highly recommend you browse
through that section first.  Click here, to go there now, then come
back for your lessons...
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Guitar Tuning - How to tune a guitar using an electronic tuner or by ear.  Tips for proper tuning.
Guitar Hand Positions - The basic body posture and hand positioning when playing guitar.
Strumming - How to strum a basic pattern and alternate between different strumming patterns.
Basic Guitar Chords - A step by step video guide through the Em, G, C and D guitar chords.  These are the four basic chords that'll enable you to play hundreds of famous songs.  Once you've got the basic four nailed down, you then move on to learn a few more chords.
Guitar Chords Progressions - Which Chords work well together?  These lessons will help you to play songs 'by ear' without the aid of sheet music.
Easy Guitar Songs - A free downloadable E-book is available that contains some easy guitar songs you can play once you've mastered the basic guitar chords.
How to Read Guitar Tabs - A detailed instructional guide that explains in straightforward terms how to read and play internet guitar tablature.
Guitar Scales - Video based lessons on the most important guitar scales you need to learn and play in order to develop individual finger strength and train your ears to recognize musical patterns.
Guitar Techniques - Video Based lessons on the most important guitar techniques like hammer on's, pull off's etc.  These techniques add depth and maturity to your technique and style.
Easy Guitar Tabs - A collection of easy guitar tabs for all guitar players.  These will come in handy when you want to practice your fingerpicking technique.
Blues Guitar - Genre specific lessons on the blues.  Everything from the theory behind the style, to specific techniques and a multitude of licks for aspiriting Blues  players.

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