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The Green Manalishi Guitar Tab

For more detailed Tablature, and a host of other high-quality video lessons such as these, check out my review of Jamplay which includes access to discount coupons exclusive to PluckAndPlay Readers.
This early metal title was famously covered by Judas Priest, but originally sung by Fleetwood Mac.  Don't let the 'metal' genre scare you away though! 

While it's true that metal guitar is not for the faint hearted or weak fingered, and usually requires a fair amount of dexterity - this song (or at least the parts tabbed out below), should be doable for someone with scale and power chord practice.


The tabs below are for the intro and verse of The Green Manalishi and you'll need to employ a host of techniques such as sliding, bending and palm muting to get the desired sound.  Check the guitar techniques page.

Take note also:  The tab does not indicate when palm muting should take place, but the excellent video by Dennis Hodges from Jamplay, goes through the entire tab (and more) in great detail, so have a look at the bottom of this page.