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Gretsch Electromatic Semi-Hollow

by Wunderseun
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Crappy Photo I know, to lazy to take another

Crappy Photo I know, to lazy to take another

Yeah so I was cruising music shops one fateful December when I spotted this beauty hanging in a shop in Cape Town. I remember that I was looking for quite a specific sound in a guitar, telecasterish, and when I picked up this guitar I heard exactly what I wanted...

Anyways enough of the love story and down to the facts:

- It's a Gretsch and it cost me less than $1000 which, when shopping outside of the USA, is quite reasonable.
- The semi-hollow body provides a nice warm sound(so if you plan on being a metal-head this is not the guitar for you)
- Low action
- Good for Beginner - Intermediate

- It is one of the cheapest Gretsch models and it shows. In other words don't expect any fancy inlays, machine-heads, strap knobs etc.
- The mini-soapbox pickups provide a nice though not great sound(something which I'll replace soon enough)
- Made in China
- Not very versatile - It'll pretty much give you only one type of sound

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Apr 13, 2010
by: Leon the Webmaster

That looks like one wicked piece of hardware you've got there mate. I had a buddy who had a similar instrument and he was completely in love with the guitar. He lived next to me and used to drive me crazy with his jamming on that thing. Nice fridge in the background as well ;-)

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