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Guitar Backing Tracks

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What are backing tracks?
Backing tracks are digitally remastered music tracks without lead guitar and vocals.  Singers usually use backing tracks when they don't have a band travelling with them all the time.  Simply pop in a CD, press play and all the instruments are provided.

Well, guitar backing tracks follow the same principle - you've got a music track that'll give you drums, bass, piano and every other instrument that's in your song except guitar!  You obviously play the guitar along with the track and provide the main instrument yourself.

Why do I need it?

Backing tracks are the best way to practice certain songs or to just jam your heart out.  There's nothing like playing the guitar and sounding like you've got a rock band behind you. 

So unless you've got a millionaire grandpa who's willing to pay the thousands of dollars needed to hire studio musicians every time you want to play with a decent band, backing tracks are the way to go...

Maybe you are in a band, but your band sucks (we've all been there :-), get a backing track and play with the pros.

Ok, where can I get it?

Here are a couple of places you can get hold of backing tracks...

(1) My favourite guitar teaching product, Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar includes 5 CD's full of Backing tracks that accompany the detailed DVD lessons.  These backtracks are suitable for beginner through intermediate players.

(2) I've got some free Blues Tracks on my site, at the Blues Guitar Backing Tracks page.  These are only truly usefull for playing and practicing Blues.

(3) Another product, one that's downloadable, which means you can hold of it instantly without waiting for the mail-man, is Jamorama.  The tracks in this package is aimed more at beginner players than anyone else.

Guitar Backing tracks provide everything you need to sound like a pro.  Well almost everything except, um.. the guitar (that part you have to do!)

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Learn And Master Guitar Review
Gibson's Learn & Master includes 5 CD's worth of high quality backtracks.  Click for a full review.
(4) Finally, a company called Planet of Rock has professional digitally remastered Backing Tracks that sound just like the original song, but without the guitar and vocals. 

Unfortunetaly their stuff is not downloable, but you have to buy a CD which is shipped to you.  Advanced players can check this one out.
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