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Learning The Guitar Fretboard Notes - Guitar Notes Master Review

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Guitar Notes Master - A great way to master the fretboard...
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Great Way To Learn Guitar Theory
Systematic Lesson & Practice System
Great Fretboard Reference Guide
Lessons Occasionally Uninteresting & Monotonous
Text Lessons Only
What is it?

Guitar Notes Master is a downloadable PC application that uses a systematic set of text lessons to teach the guitar fretboard notes, by explaining the theory behind them and having you practice and memorize their positions.

Who's it for?

Guitar Notes Master will be suitable for beginner through advanced players.  Beginners will benefit from the early lessons that focus on open string chords, easy scales and other basics of guitar theory (the same way this site does).

But Guitar Notes Master goes much further than that and the large set of lessons will have you have wade into deeper waters with suspended chords, slash chords, modes and more.

If you don't know what these are, or haven't been paying much attention to them, then Guitar Notes Master certainly has something to teach you.

Guitar Notes Master Review
What will I learn?

Guitar Notes Master focuses primarily on guitar theory, but tries to do so in a way that's not stifling or boring (like a music score class in school would be).

The program starts off with teaching the basics of string names, easy open chords (and the theory behind their root notes), and then moves on to actually teaching the guitar fretboard notes themselves.

The lessons are thorough and detailed and the text guide uses a relaxed and easy to understand style to guide you through each lesson.

That doesn't mean that the program's all study and no playing.  The program has a dedicated "Guitar" Section that shows you (in standard tablature format) all of the chords, scales, arpeggios etc. so that you can actually "get them under your fingers".

Why do I want to know this?

No serious guitarist can go without theory for any long period of time.  Eventually your limited knowledge of the fretboard, and the root notes of chords and scales will show in your playing style, especially when it comes to things like improvising and soloing.

All world class or expert players know some theory and know where different chords, roots and scales lie on the fretboard.  Without this knowledge its simply impossible to break the barrier of 'uncreative playing' (playing the same old things over and over again and never breaking ground by coming up with new spontaneous material).

That's why a program like Guitar Notes Master is important and even necessary.  A serious guitarist is going to have to learn this stuff sooner or later, and you might as well use an innovative and concise program like this, instead of signing up for music theory classes or buying a bunch of teaching books.

What are the lessons like?

The lessons are text only, so that has inherent drawbacks, but luckily the virtual fretboard has a option for you to play and listen to all of the diagrams laid out on the guitar at any time during the lesson.

This means that you at least get to listen to how the chord, scale, mode or whatever your practicing should sound like, and it's a big and necessary help, especially for beginner players.  Occassionally the lessons may seem bland and monotonous (this is theory after all), but with discipline and consistency you'll still be able to master the fretboard by sticking with them.

Is it any good?

The best part of these lessons is the convenience they afford.  Having a large selection of scales, modes, chords and more at your fingertips, with the ability to see their positions on the guitar fretboard (and hear what they should sound like!) is nice and convenient.

In this way, Guitar Notes Master is almost like a reference handbook, but having chord diagrams in a single program on your computer is certainly better then lugging around a old school paperback book.

Is it worth the money?

Honestly, this program will only be worth the money if you're willing to put in the time and effort it's going to take to study through, and then practice the lessons on your guitar. 

At just under $40, Guitar Notes Theory does a good job of summarizing a wide range of guitar fretboard notes theory in one convenient package that's easy to access, but this still means you have to DO them, and it certainly will take time and commitment.


Guitar Notes Mastery has a 60 day money back guarantee.  If at any time during the first 2 months of your purchase you decide that it's not for you, you can apply for a refund by and get a full refund.

Best way to Learn the Guitar Fretboard Notes

Learning the Guitar Fretboard Notes is of the utmost importance to any serious guitarist, but may seem like a daunting task.  But Guitar Notes Master uses an innovative computer based lesson system to teach these notes to you in a innovative and systematic way.

I especially recommend it for guitarists who struggle with theory, and memorizing the guitar fretboard notes.

Guitar Notes Master Review
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