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Common Guitar Learning Problems for Beginners

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Problems!  What would life be without them hey?  We hate them and yet they make us smarter.  We despise them and yet they make us better.  In fact, it would seem that problems are like math homework in every way!!

As a new guitarist you're bound to run into trouble (big or small) along the way.  Following a structured lesson plan like the one on this site, will smooth things out significantly, but you're still bound to come across a bump or two - and this is where you'll find some answers.

Below I've listed the most common guitar learning problems that newbies usually run into.  Have a read through these to see if they can answer your questions.

Struggling?  Below is a list of the most common problems new guitarists face.  So don't give up and get angry!  Scroll down and find some solutions...

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What you might be saying about now...
Manus in agon! (Latin for "My Hand is in Agony!")
How can I get my fingertips harder?
Not sure if I still want to do this...
Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up .. whoops
Too difficult, can't get it right!
I've got five viennas on my hand, can't play!
There's a bzzz bzzz everywhere!
Sure doesn't sound like on your videos
My schedule is hectic man, no time for guitar!
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