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Guitar Lesson Reviews

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Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar is home study DVD course that's consistently rated as the best in the mail-order product range. 

The course has over 20 hours of instruction and covers all possible topics a beginner or intermediate guitarist would need to know about.

The fact that Gibson (the most popular guitar brand name on the planet!) has endorsed this product speaks volumes to its quality!

This course has received high praise indeed, so for more detail read my learn and master guitar review.

The following professional guitar courses allow you to learn in the comfort of your home, without paying weekly fees to an expensive private tutor.

Free lessons will only get you so far, but at the same time the Internet is overflowing with these paid-for products, each one claiming to be better than the rest.  So I've tried to give an honest, no-nonsense review of some of my favourite products.

Click on the links or picture for detailed guitar lesson reviews of these products below:
Guitar Scale Mastery Review
Guitar Scale Mastery

Guitar Scale Mastery is one of those products that'll help you transition from being able to play lullaby's around the campfire, to soloing, riffing, improvising and rocking on stage.

Aimed at intermediate & advanced players who've mastered guitar basics, this product will teach you a unique and powerful way to internalize scales, so as make your playing more natural and your soloing more spontaneous.

Read my guitar scale mastery review for a deeper look.
Learn And Master Guitar Review
Guitar Notes Master Review
Guitar Notes Master

Learning the Guitar Fretboard Notes is of the utmost importance to any serious guitarist, but may seem like a daunting task.  But Guitar Notes Master uses an innovative computer based lesson system to teach these notes to you in a fun and systematic way.

Read my Guitar Notes Master Review for more.
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My opinion is truly a humble one ;), but in that very humble opinion, Jamplay remains the best choice for online guitar tuition for beginner, intermediated, experts, and even those who think they know it all (Because Bumblefoot will show you that you don't!).

They're inexpensive, extremely professional, and in our digital age the best option for anyone who has a guitar, some motivation and a nice fast broadband internet connection!

Read my Review

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