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Guitar Scale Mastery Review

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Guitar Scale Mastery - Essential for any Lead Guitarist...
Guitar Scale Mastery Review
Essential for Soloing & Lead Guitarists
Unique & Powerfull Scale Learning System
Best Way To Learn Natural Improvisation
Good Value - Comprehensive & Detailed
Text and Audio Lessons only - No Video
Not for Beginner Guitarists
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What is it?

Guitar Scale Mastery is a unique theory & technique based system that helps you internalize guitar scales, with the purpose of helping you improve your soloing, riffing, and on the spot improvisation. 

Basically, it teaches you how to learn & practice scales in a way that'll help you cross the bridge from begin a 'campfire strummer' to someone who can improv with confidence.

What's in it?

The system is completely online and all of the lessons, audio backtracks and bonuses (E-books) are available for viewing on the site's membership area, which you get access to once you buy the product.

What are the lessons like?

Craig Bassett, who created this course, is a guitar tutor with many years of experience, and it shows.  The lessons are written from the perspective of a teacher who has authority in this field and comes across as though he knows what he's talking about.
Most Lessons have either a "theory" or "technique" intensive flavor, which means that Craig teaches you what you need to know, before you get to play it on the fretboard.

Lessons are mostly text based, with nice and detailed diagrams, audio backtracks and samples available whenever you need to practice new methods or techniques and want to ensure you're playing it correctly.

What will I learn?

This system will help you internalize scales.  What that means is, to quote Craig himself:

Unlike most guitarists who "often memorize scale patterns like this with no understanding of how the pattern is constructed", you'll learn to use these scales without thinking about them.

Adding them in a natural and spontaneous way to your playing as you automatically start improvising, riffing or soloing on the guitar.

Is it any good?

I spent some time browsing around the membership area, reading & studying the lessons and listening to the audio.  My conclusion that this package is probably the best and most effective way to truly master scales (i.e. get beyond playing them up and down the fretboard without letting them influence your soloing and riffing).

Craig's system is truly unique and I think, when followed meticulously, it will prove powerful.  My guess is that an hour or so a day, for a few months, will see you skyrocket your ability to naturally and effortlessly solo on the guitar.

Who's it aimed at?

Newbies stay away...  Unlike most of the lessons on THIS site, Guitar Scale Mastery is aimed at players who have got the basics under their belts (or fingertips :-). 

You should be able to play chords effortlessly, read tabs and perhaps have followed the basic guitar scale lessons on this site, before you attempt to have a go at this product.

Is it worth the price?

$67 will give you three years of access to the membership area, which will be more than enough time to give you full benefit of the product.  Expensive?

I don't think so...

Compare:  You get to pick the brain of a pro guitarist who teaches you his tried-and-tested system for learning and mastering scales, all for the price of 2-3 regular offline lessons with your so-so live teacher.  So yes, if you're serious about becoming a lead guitarist, you'd pay $67 in a heartbeat.

Lessons are comprehensive, detailed and its clear that the author has put hours of effort with painstaking detail to make this product the high quality that it is. 


Craig currently offers a 60-day money back guarantee.  In his own words:

"Test drive your Guitar Scale Mastery membership for up to 60 days. If you feel you haven't made massive improvements to your scale knowledge, I'll cheerfully and promptly give all your money hassles, no arguments, no small print, no questions asked. To be blunt, I'd be embarrassed to keep your money if you're not 100% satisfied"

Guitar Scale Mastery Review Summary

This product is a MUST for any serious guitar player of intermediate or advanced skill, who want to cross the barrier between being 'okay' at playing, to someone who can confidently, effortlessly and spontaneously jump up and down the fretboard during improvisation and soloing.

If you feel stuck with scales, can't seem to get that natural flair to your playing that all the pro's seem to have, then this is where I point you:
Visit Guitar Scale
Mastery Site
Guitar Scale Mastery Review
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