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Guitar Strumming Patterns

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Folk Strumming Pattern
Alternative Folk Strumming Pattern
      Ready? This is what it should sound and look like:
Once you've got a good idea of what a chord looks like on the guitar, we need to explore a few more strumming patterns to broaden your perspective on what's possible when you combine chords with a few of these below...

Folk Strumming Pattern

A great sounding strumming pattern, the folk pattern sounds great and is easy to play.  It's used by beginners and pros alike and all sorts of artists in the folk/country and other genres.  Here's what it looks like:
Like with the other strumming patterns, it's important to keep your arm going in a strumming motion, even when you're not actually strumming the strings.  If you're struggling or losing beat, it helps to count out loud along with your arm's motion ("One and two and three and four and one and two..." get the idea?)

With the Folk Strumming pattern we miss a upstrum after the ONE count and a downstrum on THREE.  Don't worry if it looks intimidating, with enough practice you'll nail it!
      This is what it should sound and look like:
Alternative Folk Strumming Pattern

Same as above but missing another upstrum after the FOUR count...
      This is what it should sound and look like:
1/8 Beat Strumming Pattern

This one consists of all downstrums and one tricky 1/8th beat inserted between [2 and a half] and 3.  An 1/8th beat is a note that is played faster than the others.

Might take some practice to master this one, but the video should help a lot.  Have a look at it and try the pattern...
Accent Strumming Pattern

Our final strumming pattern will introduce you to strumming accents.  Like the name implies and accent strum is a strumming stroke with a little more power behind it then the rest.  This simply means that an accented strum produces a louder note than a regular down- or upstroke.  You can produce an accented strum by strumming slightly harder and by accenting the treble strings (the three thinnest).

The video will give you a good idea of what I'm talking about...
      This is what it should sound and look like:
Armed with these additional guitar strumming patterns, you've now got enough tools in your guitar-arsenal to last you for a while.  The following lessons will focus on a few more basic guitar chords that you can now practice with any of the patterns you've learned in this lesson.
Strumming... It's what the guitar is all about after all!  On this page, I'll teach you some more basic guitar strumming patterns that are popular among musicians.
On all of the videos on this page I'm strumming the G chord
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