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Free Online Guitar Lessons
What is it that separates good guitar players from great guitar players? 
Is it the ability to play thousands of chords seamlessly from memory?  Is it incredible finger strength?  Or perhaps it's just luck and talent?  Some have it, some don't and if you don't have it, don't bother...

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Guitar Techniques

Ready to start sounding like a pro?
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Let's add some depth to your playing...
Some of the names might be familiar.  If you don't know them, this site will teach you everything you need to know about these specific guitar techniques with (as usual) detailed instructions and videos

Know and master these six techniques and you will transform your guitar playing forever.  I know from personal experience that you will go from sounding like everybody else, to sounding like somebody with experience.  If it worked for me, it'll work for you! 

If you want to learn all of these one by one (and if you're a new guitar player you should), follow the flow of the lessons.  Otherwise click on one of the links above to jump to a specific technique.
So what about my question?  The difference between good and mediocre guitar players lies in one word... technique.

Now please understand that 'Technique' may refer to two different things:

(1) General Technique - a person's general style of playing, finger strength and method of playing.  A player with bad general technique can be spotted (and heard!) a mile away.
(2) Specific guitar techniques.  These refer to specific elements of finger style playing you incorporate into your style that add funk, spice and depth to your playing. 

This section of the free guitar lessons will focus on six of the most common guitar techniques used by every pro player, in every style of music, around the world:

My philosophy has always been that anyone CAN learn to play the guitar.  Yes, it will come quicker and more naturally for those with musical talent and background, but that shouldn't deter anyone. 
While these lessons will teach you the basics of guitar techniques, for a more in
depth look I recommend you check out some of the amazing video lessons by
Jamplay.  They are currently offering a limited free trail (more info on my Jamplay
review page) with access to any of their over 4,000 lessons, which include songs
and techniques from many genres.

I've done a short review on the "why" and "how" of Jamplay here, as they continue to
dominate the Internet Guitar market, and for good reason: their material (which I
myself use) are truly of high quality.
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Guitar Techniques
Good general technique comes with practice, practice, practice.  The more you play, the better it will get (players with good technique make the hardest solo's look natural).  If you don't play for a long time and then pick of your guitar you'll find your general technique might have deteriorated!
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