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Finally!  No longer do you have to run to google and sift through hundreds of sites to try and find a decent guitar metronome or a proper chord finder.  This page has a collection of all the tools for guitar you'll need.

This page contains a collection of all the online guitar tools you'll most likely need as you venture into the world of learning and playing the guitar...

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Guitar Tuner
A free online guitar tuner that allows you to tune your guitar to standard tuning with perfection.  Click on the string you wish to tune to hear the tone and then adjust your guitar accordingly.  Repeat for all six strings to make sure you're instrument is ready to do some playing.  For everything you need to know about tuning visit the tuning a guitar section.
Backing Tracks
Backing Tracks are the ideal improvisation tool and is one of the best ways to learn your favourite solo's and songs.  Unless you've got a rich grandma who's willing to give you the thousands of dollars to hire a professional backing band, backing tracks are the way to go...
Online Guitar Backing Tracks
Guitar Scale Chart
A scale chart mapping out the five basic guitar scales on the fretboard.  If you need some help memorizing the major, minor, blue and pentatonic guitar scales download this printable scale chart.
Guitar Scales Charts
Basic Guitar Chord Chart
Guitar Chord Charts
Free printable guitar chord charts that map out anything from the basic open chords to the most complex barre chords you'll find.  Download one of these and you'll never need another chord chart.
Chord Finder
Need to play a specific chord, but haven't got the faintest clue what it should look like on the guitar?  No problem, these online chord finders will map out any chord you can think of and show you what it should look like on the fretboard.  This tool is especially handy to map out more complex chords that you regularly don't play, but need for a specific song.
A metronome is a neat little mechanism that keeps perfect tempo for you and allows you to play within certain speed ranges.  This online version is hosted on and will open in a new page/tab in your internet browser.  For more info on a metronome and how you can use it visit this FAQ.
Online Guitar Tuner
Online Guitar Metronome
Online Guitar Tuner
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