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History of the Guitar

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So where does your Gibson SG come from?  Why from the music store of course!  And where did they get it?  Well... from the factory

Guitars come from many different places, but they have the same origin, and the history of the guitar will shed some light as to where your guitar really comes from.

Most professional and amateur players admit that knowing the history of an instrument has a effect, and sometimes profound effect, on their level of skill.  For this reason I created this section about the history of the acoustic and electric guitars.

The history of the acoustic guitar will take you way back to the days of the Flintstones and trace the roots of our modern day guitars.  Modern classical and acoustic guitars developed through ages of modifying and changing guitar-like instruments, by the musicians of the day.

For a more contemporary venture, the history of the electric guitar discovers the last 100 years of musical history and its relation to one of the most popular musical instruments of the planet.  The electric guitar may seem like its been around forever, but it's only about 70 years old!

Tied closely to the history of the electric guitar, is the history of the fender guitar company.  Fender was the first company to design and manufacture a commercially successful solid-body electric guitar and the history of the company and its founder, makes for interesting reading.

Need a more graphical outline of the events related to guitar history?  Have a look at this guitar history timeline for a illustrated version of events.

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