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How to tune a guitar

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Here's how to tune a guitar for standard tuning - the strings from thickest to thinnest, should be tuned to the following notes:
E - the thickest and lowest sounding string is known as the 6th string
A - the 5th string
D - the 4th string
G - the 3rd string
B - the 2nd string
E - the thinnest and highest sounding string is known as the 1st string
Tuning Sequence
Once your guitar is properly tuned carry on to the next lesson - hand positions.
What About Electronic Tuners?

They are, in short, inevitable.  While every player needs to know how to tune by ear (for theory purposes), most people end up using electric tuners - especially in a live enviroment and on stage.  I've drawn up a list of a few recommended tuners here.

I've also compiled a list of the coolest guitar software that you can download and use for free!

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“Opportunity is often missed because we are broadcasting when we should be tuning in” - Anonymous
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The Picture to the right forms a handy visual reference for Standard Tuning (i.e. regular or normal tuning that most people use... more on alternative tunings later).  The pages below will explain, and if you're new to tuning, I recommend you start with "Tuning by Ear".
Every guitar player needs to know how to tune by ear.  This article uses pictures to visually illustrate the tuning by ear process and even if most players end up using electronic tuners most of the time (which is not a bad thing), the theory behind tuning by ear is vital.
A free online guitar tuner that you can use to ensure your guitar is 100% (or at least pretty close to that number) in tune.  Crank up your speakers for this one - our online guitar tuner is presented courtesy of the friendly folks at Wimply Player.
An important article that goes into more depth regarding tuning, such as the necessity of always tuning up (i.e. tightening the strings), the effects of a tremolo arm, and how extreme weather affects your strings.  See 10 Guitar Tuning Tips.
Sooner or later you will lose a string and it likely would not be your fault.  Entropy has its effect on guitar strings, like on everything else.  There is however a right way to replace a string, and a wrong way.  Read this article on Restringing to avoid the former.
How To Tune A Guitar