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Ibanez RG120 Review

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The Ibanez RG120 is a great guitar at a price that's affordable for any beginner player that wants to get started with electric guitar or play rock, metal or hardcore music - a style to which the two humbucker pickups seems to lend itself to.  The guitar's low action also makes it a great option for newer players.

The guitar comes with a glossy red metallic finish that looks really good on the traditional Ibanez body style.  The deep cutaway means you can reach up to the 24th fret easily.

Features include a volume knob, a tone knob, a 3-way pickup selector, two humbucking pickups, and the Ibanez Wizard II neck which is quite thin which makes it great for fast solo's on the rosewood fretboard. 

Its design is clean, simple and durable and its reliability won't disappoint on or off stage.

Here's a video of some high powered metal played with an ebony coloured RG120:
Ibanez RG120 Electric Guitar Candy Apple Red
Ibanez RG120
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Have a look at this guitar on using the link below:
Ibanez RG120 Electric Guitar Candy Apple Red