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Neutral Trait
Jamplay is Amazing
Highly Professional Learning Environment: The most advanced video guitar lessons on the Internet, multi-angle HD videos with professionally transcribed tabs.
Effective Learning System: 5 Phase Chronological Learning Process from the basics through to specific styles, techniques and song writing.
Ever Growing Database of Lessons: “Most active publisher of video guitar lessons on the Planet” / Typically adds 5 new video lessons per week.
Broad Range of Level Difficulty: From absolute beginners, to solo screeching metal heads, Jamplay has lessons to suit novice, intermediate and advanced players.
Broad Range of Genres and Artistic Styles: Blues, Rock, Classical, Metal, Celtic, Fingerstyle, Bluegrass, Jazz, Flamenco and more.
Song Specific Lessons: Learn specific songs within a genre, including the techniques and quirks of the original musicians. 
Professional online guitar tools: Huge Chords Library, Extensive Scale Charts (Interactive), Tuner, Metronome, Jam tracks, Interactive web-based Games.
Inexpensive and great value for money: Compared to most competitors, Jamplay provides a wealth of material for a much smaller financial commitment.
Neutral Trait
Only for those committed to learn: Not necessarily a good investment for casual players who are not sure if the guitar is for them
Money back guarantee is only valid for 7 days: Competitors have a longer guarantee, but Jamplay does provide a time-unlimited free trail period.
Song Lessons do not feature as many famous artists from all genres - Majority of songs specific lessons focus on Rock/Metal styles.
Video Lessons cannot be downloaded - Internet based only, tabs and charts can be downloaded, but videos stay online.
Jamplay Stats
Jamplay is aimed at serious playersAre you still wondering whether the guitar truly is for you?  Are you still considering the benefits of the xylophone over your electric Ibanez?  Are you simply forcing yourself to strum because Mom insists?  If that’s you, then Jamplay is probably not for you.  The entire professional feel of the site speaks to the fact that the company is serious in teaching, and will most benefit individuals who are serious in learning.  Benefitting from Jamplay will take more than the small monthly financial commitment they require. 

It will take commitment to their process, or to the skill, or technique, or artistic style you want to learn.  If you’re the kind of guitarist who might log in once a month to check if there’s a new metal riff you can quickly master without having to bother with new theory or technique, then Jamplay would probably be a colossal waste of your money and time.  If however, you are serious about wanting to improve your guitar technique, and have regular time each month to use their video system, then I wouldn’t point you anywhere else.

You cannot download the video lessons. This is a potential drawback for those with regular times of non-access to the internet.  Jamplay does not allow you to download any of their video lessons (You can download the tabs, chords and charts, just not the video).  For anyone with 24/7 broadband internet, this is inconsequential.  Jamplay does try to compensate by providing all of their material in a mobile format and their Android and iPad apps have received high ratings (4-5 star, at the time of writing on both iTunes and Google Play Stores).

The Song Lessons section might not cover your favorite artist. While Jamplay has over 350 song-specific video lessons (with more being added regularly) they do not feature as many well-known and famous artists as their main rival, Guitartricks.  Therefore, if learning specific songs from particular artists is of extreme importance to you, I recommend you first check out Jamplay’s list of songs  to ensure you won’t be disappointed. 
Jamplay Screenshot
Jamplay Beginner Guitar Lessons
Jamplay Styles Taught
Jamplay Song List
Jamplay Songwriting Lessons
Jamplay Online Tools
Jamplay Advanced Lessons
Jamplay Artist Series
Jamplay Lesson Sample
Learn And Master Guitar Review
Jamorama Guitar Course
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What is Jamplay? - A Quick Intro...

Jamplay is an online video guitar lesson website that started up in 2006 and provides access to an ever growing database of video lessons, by a variety of different guitar teachers, in a selection of styles and genres.  Through the years, the company has managed to connect itself with a few well-known names in the guitar world, and many of the video guitar lessons on the site are hosted by famous musicians, touring artists and professional guitar teachers from various schools. 

Jamplay operates on a pay-by-month, quarter or year basis, and provides subscribers unlimited access to all of the video guitar lessons, tablature and online tools, including the new lessons uploaded each week.  Lessons are provided for absolute beginner players, through to highly advanced lessons on concepts such as artist specific styles, genre-based techniques and song writing skills.  While Jamplay has a large section dealing with “beginners guitar”, the majority of their lessons are aimed at intermediate (and up) guitarists.
Warning! This is a Thorough Review

That means that below, I’ll be going in to quite a bit of depth over why I recommend Jamplay above any other guitar teaching product out there on the Internet.  I’m going to be explaining what it is, how it’s structured, its benefits, as well as things to take note of before buying.  I've googled around and I'm pretty sure that this is the most comprehensive and well-researched review of Jamplay on the Internet.

Importantly, I’m going to tell you why I think Jamplay is better than any of its competitors (including a very popular, slightly cheaper competitor).  Since Jamplay is an ever evolving product I’m also going to be regularly updating this review to reflect the latest editions. I’ve thoroughly tested this product (and use it myself) and I’m convinced that it’s the best guitar teaching product out there for me, and for those wanting to go beyond the free lessons on PluckAndPlayGuitar.
Jamplay Review: Structure & Content

The large majority of Jamplay’s 4,600+ video guitar lessons are categorized into one of the following five “learning phases”.  These phases follow a chronological order and new subscribers can start wherever they wish.  Jamplay’s Lesson Progress Tracker is a built in online tool that tracks your profile and lets you know how far you’ve come in each area, and what remains to be done.  It’s an informative solution for keeping up-to-date with your overall progress on the guitar.  Let’s have a brief look at each of the five phases you get access to with full membership at Jamplay:
Phase 1: Beginner Lessons - As the name indicates, this is the place to start out with if you’re new (or fairly new) to the guitar.  Some of the most popular lessons on Jamplay, are the absolute beginner lessons hosted by Steve Eulberg that literally start with concepts like holding the guitar, the purpose of a string and nut, how to wind and tune etc. 

It covers the raw basics of the instrument and proceeds to teach some initial chords and strumming patterns.  Jamplay also has a “self-taught” starting point for players who’ve progressed beyond absolute beginner, and wishes to go further.  Here you can learn the basics of reading tabs/sheet music, building practice routines and understanding chord progressions. 

All in all the phase 1 beginner lessons will quickly bring you to a point where you can fret and strum chords and start learning specific styles, which is covered in phase 2 below.
Phase 2: Genre Based Lessons & Skill Building - One of my personal favorite things about Jamplay, is the wide spectrum they’ve gone for when teaching guitar.  Choosing masters in each field, Jamplay teaches on more than 15 musical guitar styles (Blues, Rock, Classical, Metal, Celtic, Fingerstyle, Bluegrass, Country, Jazz, Flamenco, Reggae and a few more). 

Each style has one or more teachers that teach specific techniques and skills related to that style.  In my estimation it’s an absolute great way to specialize in a specific area of guitar instead of just remaining a “jack-of-all-strings" - i.e. someone who can do a little bit of everything with their instrument, but doesn’t have one or two genres in which they specialize as experts. 

A second part of the phase 2 lessons focus on skill building.  These lessons build on the basics of phase 1’s beginner lessons, by teaching more advanced concepts related to Speed & Technique, Singing with the Guitar, Understanding Rhythm, Lead Guitar Concepts and Improvisation, Rhythm and Ear Training and more…
Phase 3: Song Lessons - Most people learn guitar not because they love the rhythmic beauty of scales, or the melodious tendencies of arpeggios, but because they want to play songs! Songs are what it’s all about! 

In Phase 3, Jamplay now gives you the opportunity to take what you’ve learned in phase 1 & 2 and apply it to a specific song of your choosing.  And there are many to choose from.  At last count, around 350 songs lessons were provided, in a wide variety of genres (nearly all of the above genres are covered in the song list, though rock and metal songs are certainly favored).  Song lessons are provided with professionally transcribed Tablature (created by the musician him/herself) and other supplemental material such as charts, notes and write-ups, which you can download or print. 

Jamplay’s song lessons is the surest way to learn a song in the format and style as close to the original as possible.  For a full list of song video lessons check out Jamplay’s Song Lesson Section.
Phase 4: Song writing - While many would-be guitarists never venture into song writing, it remains one of the most enjoyable (and challenging) experiences with any instrument.  For me, as a self-taught singer-songwriter, one of the main reasons I picked up the guitar in the first place, was for the purposes of song writing.  Then, at one stage I considered signing up for an online song writing course at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

That was, until I saw the price for the thing!  So image my surprise when I discovered that one of the teachers in Jamplay’s song writing section (Lauren Passarelli) is a full-time tutor at the very same college.  Here I could now get the same level of education for an absolute fraction of the price!  This goes to show again, why Jamplay is slightly more expensive than their competitors:  They simply pull out all the stops when it comes to providing the highest quality in musical training. 

The Song writing section then naturally teaches on the theory and technique behind song writing, for both acoustic and electric guitar.  Some of the lessons in this section feature material on guitar-percussion (great for solo players), understanding your role in a band, and a specific set of lessons on Blues Songwriting by famous Blues Player Michael “Hawkeye” Herman.
Phase 5: Artist’s Style - The final phase in the Jamplay lesson series is unique to Jamplay (i.e. no competitor has it) and provides a very interesting learning experience.  Aimed at intermediate and advanced players, phase 5 will have specific famous guitarists (or a teacher very familiar with their style) teach the quirks, techniques and particulars related to his/her style. 

If you’ve ever wondered how it is that Guns ‘n Roses’ guitarist manages to handle his double-necked electric, or how Billy Idol’s guitarist is able to crank his Whammy Bar that way, then phase 5 will give you a lot to chew on.
Extra’s & Tools
Aside from the five phases above (and the weekly new lessons added to them), Jamplay also have a couple of extra’s that subscribers have unlimited access to.  These include professionally coded online tools such as a Chord Library (over 950,000 chords) and a Scales Library (with an interactive fretboard diagram).

Also provided are free downloadable Jam tracks for many genres (hundreds in all mainstream and exotic genres), interactive web-based games for learning the notes on the fretboard and a couple of other things (including a nifty ear-training game). 

And then of course there’s a rather large subscriber community with a very active forum/chat rooms and opportunities to present your questions to fellow students and teachers alike.
One more thing to mention:  Of the 70+ teachers at Jamplay, many are regularly available for online chat.  The site provides a calendar with dates and times that showcases when specific teachers will be available, and by logging into the site at that time, you will be able to participate in Question and Answer sessions with many of the teachers.
Who’s the Reviewer?

Weird Picture, why are you standing on stage with a bunch of Chinese kids?  First of all, they’re Korean, and they were my students.  I taught English in Asia for half a decade (and built the majority of this site during that time). 

So you’re a teacher?   I have some experience and a very high interest in education, especially in the areas of music and entrepreneurship. 

And Guitar, are you pro? As in “Do I get paid to play guitar all day, in front of screaming fans”? Then no, I’m not a pro.   I have many years of experience with the guitar and have performed in front of thousands of people, on and off stage in a couple of different countries in the world.  Some of my music has been featured on the radio in my home country (South Africa), but I’m not a pro in the sense that I’ve devoted my entire life to guitar.  Come to think of it, I’m probably a lot like you!  I have many different projects and things going on at any one time, but I do love my music and know my way around a guitar. 

So, Jamplay is probably paying you for this review right? Not for the review, but they’re paying me when you subscribe with your credit card/PayPal yes. 

Well that sucks, you’re obviously bias then!  Yeah I get that sometimes… look at it this way:  This site, pluckandplayguitar.com, has a couple of hundred pages of 100% free lessons, dozens of YouTube videos, and a whole lot of free material, charts, eBooks etc.  All of it has taken me years to compile and I have hundreds of thank-you emails to prove it.  Now why would I do all that and then lie about a sub-par product for a few affiliate dollars?  If I wanted to make a quick buck out of promoting untested merchandise, there are easier ways to do it (And many other reviewers do that, pushing a product without any credibility to back them up). 

So you’re saying that you’re not bias at all? I’m bias in the sense that I want you to buy the product, because I think it’s the best and will really benefit you.  I also admit that it’s probably not for everybody and make mention of that in the “Take Note” section below.  Read it! 

Ok, so can you read the text on that banner in the photo above?  Yes I can! It’s easier and makes more sense than English, so go and learn another language; it’ll help your musical ability as well!
Red Arrow
Jamplay vs Guitartricks
Jamplay Logo

Below, I’m going to give you a few reasons why exactly I recommend Jamplay for most guitarists, irrespective of skill level.  When writing out these benefits I’m keeping two things in mind: (1) How does this specific aspect of Jamplay, that I like, compare to the same feature as presented by their top competitors, and (2) In what way does this justify the money that’s going to be going from my pocket, to theirs.  So, with that in mind, here are my 9 Jamplay Benefits:

Highly Professional Learning Environment: Everything about Jamplay screams one word: Quality.  Let’s look at their videos as an example:  When I’m recording guitar video lessons, it’s natural to present it in one angle, a pain to do it with 2 angles, and very expensive to do it in 3.  Jamplay’s video’s presents up to 5 different camera angles per video, including an over-the-fretboard view as seen from the instructor’s perspective. 

These videos are streamed in different qualities up to a 720dp full-HD format.  Most of them were shot in a studio, and obviously edited by professionals.  What about the accompanying tabs with each lesson and song?  Well, unlike most of their competitors, Jamplay requires their teachers to transcribe their own material.  This means that you get professionally transcribed Tablature that’s 100% spot on every time, irrespective of the difficulty of the song. 

That also means that you’re able to eliminate the mistakes that inevitably creep in when amateurs tab songs, on the variety of tablature sites online today.  This is why I believe that Jamplay provides the most advanced and highest caliber video lessons on the Internet today.
+ Effective Learning System: I’ve written quite a bit (above) about Jamplay’s Interactive Five Phase Chronological learning process.  To recap, their system means you can start taking lessons equivalent to your skill level.  They cover everything from the basics of guitaring, through to specific styles, songs and genres, and the Chronological learning system means you experience a sense of achievement as the Jamplay progress tracker keeps you up-to-date with your progress.
+ Ever Growing Database of Lessons: Jamplay calls themselves the “Most active publisher of video guitar lessons on the Planet”.  Whether this is empirically accurate or not is hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure they’re the most active publishers of very high quality video guitar lessons on the Planet! 

The Company has three studios in different parts of the United States and frequently record and add new lessons to their ever growing database of material. How frequently?  Well, looking at the statistics on their pages and counting the new lessons per month, it’s safe to say that they typically add around 4-5 new lessons per week

That means that with your single subscription you have unlimited access not only to everything that’s on there already (which, in all honesty, is already more than most people would be able to handle, though few would attempt to do every single lesson on the site) but also to everything that will be made available in in the future! 

These new lessons cover a wide variety of topics, often times very specialized, and many of them are aimed at intermediate/expert guitarists.
+ Broad Range of Level Difficulty: One of the main strikes against Jamplay’s competitors (especially the mail-order product variations) is how limited in scope their lessons are.  This is particularly true of the skill level presented:  Since the largest market for guitar tuition material lies in the “start from scratch” demographic, many of these products are aimed primarily at absolute beginners or novice-intermediate players. 

Jamplay on the other hand, while covering that demographic very thoroughly (with the entire first section on the Learning Phases dedicated to it), presents an absolute wealth of material for more advanced players.  This means that whether you are just starting out and need to know which hand goes where, whether you’re looking to improve your arpeggio’s and improvisation, or whether you’re looking to refine your alternative picking for blazing 160bpm metal songs, Jamplay can accommodate you

From absolute beginners, to solo screeching metal heads, Jamplay has lessons to suit novice, intermediate and advanced players.
+ Broad Range of Genres and Artistic Styles: I love the fact that Jamplay covers so many genres, more even than their nearest competitor Guitartricks (who focus primarily on Rock, Country & Blues). 

Jamplay teaches Blues, Rock, Classical, Metal, Celtic, Fingerstyle, Bluegrass, Jazz, Flamenco and more, including the personal styles of specific musicians - if you’re looking for a mainstream guitar style to learn and cannot find it on Jamplay, it probably means you invented it yourself! 

While similar products often do devote one or two lessons to the main styles like Blues and Rock, Jamplay takes some of the best musicians in these fields and have them teach in depth on each genre, with hours upon hours of specialized video tuition.  It’s a great benefit and for me, one of the main personal draws to the program.
+ Broad Range of instructors: While many competing products (like two of those mentioned below) usually employ a single teacher appearing on all videos from beginning to end, Jamplay has nearly 80 instructors, each from various schools, styles and bands.  Now I admit that having a single teacher is especially helpful in the very early stages of learning guitar - and it’s probably for this reason that Jamplay went ahead and provided it in the person of Steve Eulberg who covers many of the absolute basics lessons. 

New players will need the discipline to stick to one set of beginner lessons (since Jamplay provides a few sets) and not fall to the temptation of the “distracted guitarist” by jumping between different teachers in a fit of guitar learning ADHD.  For Intermediate and Advanced players however, the broad range of instructors will prove incredibly beneficial.  Professional musicians, touring artists, and even a few famous names from highly popular bands all make up the core of Jamplay instructors - people that most of us would never be able to learn from in real life. 

I’m not entirely sure how much money the company had to pay some of these guys to take time out of their busy touring schedules and come and record instructional videos in the Jamplay studio, but somehow they managed!  And subscribers benefit from this.  Some of the most well-known teachers are Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal from Guns ‘n Roses, Steve Stevens from Billy Idol, and Joel Koshe from Collective Soul, to name but a few.  You can see a full list of the instructors here.
+ Song Lessons: Learn specific songs within a genre, including the techniques and quirks of the original musicians.  An entire phase of their learning process is devoted to learning songs and I’ve already described in detail this section of the Jamplay experience above. 

Professional online guitar tools: A huge Chords Library, Extensive Scale Charts (that are Interactive), A Metronome, Professionally recorded Jam tracks in a variety of styles and Interactive Games for Fretboard Memorization and ear training. 

Now many of these things you can find for free on the Internet, but its difficult to find decent one's, of high quality, such as Jamplay provides in one central place.

Inexpensive and good value for money: It’s a fact that Jamplay is more expensive than its competitors, but when we compare apples to apples, I still believe that Jamplay provides the best value for money, simply because their material is so incredibly varied, constantly growing and of such high quality

You have the option (with some of the alternative guitar lesson programs) to pay 10 bucks a month for 200-300 video lessons, or you can pay Jamplay’s $20 (that’s without the discount I provide) for nearly 5,000 lessons

Compared to most online and mail-order products, Jamplay provides a wealth of material for a much smaller financial commitment.  And when you order a year subscription, the difference in price becomes even less.
A typical Jamplay lesson, this one hosted by the guitarist for Guns 'n Roses.  The Lesson Screen features the video, progress tracker, supplemental materials (tabs and charts), discussions and question sections. 
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
Jamplay vs. the Competition - How do Jamplay stack up against some of it's main rivals?

Hang on a minute!  What about Guitartricks?
That's a good question!  Guitartricks is definitely Jamplay’s major competitor and the two companies (both of which probably have a lot of capital investment behind them) regularly go at it with their virtual boxing gloves, trying to prove to visitors at their respective homepages why they are better than “the competition”. 

I’ll be upfront in saying that I have tried Guitartricks as well (there’s no honest way to review Jamplay without looking at their primary competition) and have found it a great product with good value for money.  People often point to the fact that they’re a little cheaper ($15 vs. Jamplay’s $20/month, though with the yearly subscriptions the difference becomes nearly negligible), that they have more song lessons, and that they’ve been around longer (since 1998, before even YouTube).
What about Jamorama? If you’re not familiar with Jamorama, it used to be a very popular and high selling downloadable guitar teaching eBook and video set, that had a personality change a while back and now also features a pay-by-month system for access to online video lessons.  My thinking is (and this is pure speculation) that Jamorama joined the online video lessons crowd simply because competitors like Jamplay and Guitartricks were proving that their format works best.  While Jamorama’s downloadable product was never stellar and aimed more at casual players, their new format seems more professional. 

I’m still cheering for Jamplay instead though, and my objections are similar to the objections for Gibson’s Learn & Master: Jamorama uses one solitary teacher and just cannot (at least at present) compare to the wealth of material that Jamplay offers.  At present, Jamorama’s price is nearly half of that of Jamplay (at $10/month), but this reduced cost certainly shows when you realize how little Jamorama has to offer.  Jamplay has nearly 80 teachers; some of them very accomplished musicians with famous careers, teaching on many styles, genres, songs and techniques. 

Jamorama, has one guy, who’s a great musician, but just cannot cover all the material that Jamplay does.  One example might suffice:  Jamplay has nearly 5,000 guitar video lessons, Jamorama has just over 200.
However… and here’s my defense for promoting Jamplay over their main rival:  Variety.  Guitartricks main draw might be the fact that they seem to cater more to absolute beginner guitarists (kind of like this site), and have a large selection of linear beginner guitar videos, as well as a larger selection of song video lessons.  But Jamplay’s variety of styles, artists and technique lessons means that there’s simply more meat to chew on in the long run, especially for intermediate guitarists.

Jamplay simply has a greater variety of material for those wishing to progress beyond the basics.  There are other things to mention (which Guitartricks lack) like the fact that they have live Q&A sessions and lessons with teachers, non-PC apps (like a great iPad app) some well-known teachers, and a greater number of mini-courses featuring genre-specific lessons.

Checking out Guitartricks, I noticed immediately that their Lesson Structure (What they call their “Core Learning Experience”) is much more linear than Jamplay’s.  While Jamplay has many different kinds of teachers teaching on the same topic (essentially allowing you to choose a teacher you like best, and with whose style you can relate the most), Guitartricks features a more restricted system that almost forces you to go along a predetermined path, with specific teachers that they have chosen for you.  Again, this is not necessarily a bad thing, and there are two kinds of guitarist for whom this might actually be a benefit:  (1) The absolute beginner (who doesn’t need a great variety of choice), and (2) the “distracted guitarist” who is not disciplined enough to stick to a specific set of lessons and would want to jump between all the different options that Jamplay presents, without actually completing any lesson sets.

All in all, both are great products and the differences between them might seem minor to many.  My personal opinion is that Guitartricks would be a great choice for someone who wants to learn guitar from scratch.  Their very linear beginner lessons offer less chance for distraction for newer players, but as soon as you progress beyond the basics, Jamplay offers more choice and a greater variety of lesson material and styles.  Thus, Intermediate to Advanced players will especially benefit most from Jamplay.
What about Gibson’s Learn & Master? This is a tough one for me, simply because Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar, was for many years the main product I was promoting to my readers at PluckAndPlayGuitar - both on the site and in my e-mail list.  I’ve personally made a commitment to Legacy Learning Systems (the company behind the Learn & Master series), having promoted their guitar product, and having bought their piano and painting one’s (the latter for my wife, I stick to music). 

Gibson’s Learn and Master remains an amazing product, but the more I’ve gotten to experience Jamplay, the more I’ve come to realize that it might not be fair to promote Learn & Master above all else: It comes down to Value for money.  Gibson’s Learn & Master is not a cheap product (regularly on sale for $150), and it's mail order.  This essentially means you pay quite a lot for a fixed product, that’s mostly aimed at beginner and intermediate players, without any new material being added.  All of the teaching is also done by one teacher (Steve Krenz, who is an amazing teacher, but still only one guy). 

Again, Jamplay’s incredible variety (in styles, teachers, songs, types of technique) is nearly overwhelming when compared to the very limited (and expensive) material presented in Gibson’s Learn & Master.  I still continue to promote this product on my site, since I believe it is great for absolute beginners, I simply believe Jamplay is able to provide more experience, more skills and more thrills, for less money.
That’s it from me on this topic of Jamplay.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Jamplay Review, as I’ve tried to give an honest and to the point review of why I recommend Jamplay above their competitors and why I happily point my readers to them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go and learn some more Flamenco Guitar from Marcelo Berestovoy (excellent Spanish Guitar Teacher!) on Jamplay.com

To your continued improvement!

Leon from PluckAndPlayGuitar.com
Jamplay Free Trail
Jamplay Free Song Lessons
Jamplay Signup
Learn Beginner Guitar Tabs
Learn Chord Sets
Where to from here?

Ok, if after reading all of this, you’re interested in more, then it’s time to visit Jamplay’s site. 

There are three ways to go forward:
(1) You can sign up for a free trail (you don’t need a credit card for this), that’ll give you 5 lesson credits to use.  That essentially means you get access to 5 free lessons of your choosing - if after five lessons you’re not convinced, then Jamplay is not for you.
(2) You can sample some free song lessons, on their interactive website.  These are lessons that the Jamplay staff have chosen, so if you want to sample lessons that you get to choose yourself, use the free trail option to the left.
(3) Finally, you can subscribe for full access to all lessons, and as an affiliate of Jamplay, this site has access to discount coupons, and so do my readers. Check Below...
Learn Chord Sets
Jamplay Coupons
Jamplay Coupons
10% off all
guitar products
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first month
This Is Me
Jamplay's Beginner Lessons Structure
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
A few of the Genres that Jamplay covers
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
A small selection for Jamplay's ever growing song-lesson series
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
Jamplay's very unique artist series (a small selection)
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
Jamplay's online toolbox available to all users
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
Jamplay's Acoustic Songwriting lessons (A sample)
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
Some of the more advanced lessons focus on specific techniques
- Click on the pic for a larger version -
Trustpilot on Jamplay
What do other Reviewers say?

One of the Internet's most beloved online review sites, Trustpilot, gives it's take on Jamplay (right) , based on the opinon of it's reviewers...
Jamplay Quickstats
Jamplay Logo
Have you ever...

... seen a friend pick up a nearby guitar and quickly stun friends & family, by effortlessly making the instrument sound amazing?  Don't you wish you could just draw out some of that skill and apply it to yourself?

"But Soloing is much harder than it seemed in the beginning!  I just can’t seem to get chords right!  I’ve been teaching myself for a while now, but still struggle with playing and singing.  Playing licks looks easy when the pros do it on YouTube, but by myself I quickly run out of juice!"

I've been in the guitar business for many years and have heard many people say similar things.  As a Guitar teacher myself I’ve made it my purpose to help many folks overcome these obstacles.  Today though, the solution to these frustrations is no longer complex for me, as I simply point you to a comprehensive one-stop guitar system that will…

(1) Quickly and near effortlessly bring you to a place where you sound like you know what you’re doing on the guitar - because you DO!  Then (2) help you gladly say goodbye to endlessly contradicting YouTube videos, confusing books and DVD's, or expensive in-person fees.  And finally (3) comprehend and master ANY guitar skill, genre, song or technique, within days of signing on. 

- Quickly master the fundamentals of rock guitar, blues soloing and country strumming.
- Learn up to 350 guitar songs in any genre, with professionally done tabs
- Progress faster, and on a more solid foundation as a musician, than anywhere else.

"I am 50 years old, have a degree in music education, and I have been a guitar teacher for 11 years now. I have been playing for about 35 years. I joined JamPlay to improve my skills in the different genres and, honestly, to pick the brains of your teachers for teaching tips. I plan to view every lesson from Phase I up. My youngest son, who is 9, and I are enjoying the videos. Thank you for the great quality and for the in-depth instruction." -
Dale K

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will this product work for me?” 
As long as you own a guitar, and have regular access to your computer, Jamplay will work for you.  It will make you a better guitarist by providing you with the highest calibre guitar tuition anywhere on the Internet.

“Will it do what it’s promising?” 
Nearly 400,000 guitarist from all around the world (with a couple of hundred being added each day) have signed up for Jamplay, simply because it works and over delivers.

“It seems quite pricey, doesn’t it?”
Maybe some perspective will help:  For the price of a regular pizza at your favourite chain store, you’ll get unlimited access to nearly 1,000 hours of top notch guitar teaching video material, on any musical topic imaginable.

“What happens if I don’t like it?”
Then you simply ask for a refund within the first 7 days and you’ll get a no questions asked reimbursement.  There really is no risk.  It’s also worth noting that in the nearly 10 years of the company's existence, with hundreds of thousands of customers, less than 1% have ever asked for a refund.
So, is Jamplay the absolute ideal choice for everyone?!  Not quite...

Here are a few things take note of before you buy...
Jamplay’s cover lessons clearly favor the rock/metal genre, though they do have many songs from genres such as Blues, Folk, and Country and fewer songs for genres such as Jazz, Punk and R&B.

The instructors sometimes have quirky personalities. Jamplay’s instructors are professional musicians and some of them have spent decades on the stage in front of thousands of fans.  All of this to say that they’re not all necessarily academics, nor professional educators (though there are some of those as well). 

They speak a guitarist’s language and will sometime say things and teach in a way that your music professor would probably not think very theoretically relevant.  It’s never been a problem for me and I don’t think it will for most, but it’s something to take note of.

The Money Back Guarantee is only for 7 days. I’ve heard people balk at this, since Guitartricks provides a 60-day money back guarantee.  However, keep this in mind:  Guitartricks has a 14-day trail, while Jamplay has an unlimited trail (time wise, they limit you with the number of lessons you can watch during your trail). 

That means that by the time you’ve gone ahead and bought the product you’ll have a pretty darn good idea of what to expect and it’s unlikely that you’ll want to refund at all (Less than 1% of customers have ever refunded, during the company’s entire existence).  But just for the heck of it (and probably for PR reasons), Jamplay still provides a 7-day money back guarantee, just in case you do after all stumble upon something you simply cannot handle, and insist on having you cold hard cash refunded.

Final Note: But this site is free!?

This is a natural question, and my honest response is that my free lessons on PluckAndPlayGuitar, will only get you so far.  This site has a lot of content with a lot of free information, and a lot of people thanking me for it every day, but I simply don’t have the equipment/time/energy/resources in the space-time continuum, to provide you with Full HD multi-angle interactive videos, professionally transcribed tabs, professionally coded online tools, cooperative webcam sessions, live Q&A, and lessons from some of the most famous names in guitar out there today. 

Jamplay is a big company, with big investment and a big, big, big product to show for it.  Therefore I happily point customers to them, earn a small commission for it, and know that they can continue learning in an environment, with a level of expertise, much richer and more varied than I can provide for free.

Learn to Dominate any Guitar Skill, within days of starting, without emptying your wallet...

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