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Learn and Master Guitar Review

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Learn & Master Guitar - One of the most comprehensive courses of all...
What is it?

Learn & Master Guitar is an extensive Guitar Tuition product that uses DVD-based lessons, a comprehensive workbook and a set of guitar backing tracks to teach you everything you need to know to become a intermediate to advanced guitar player.

What's in it?

- A set of 10 DVD's that contain 20 learning lessons.  The host is a guy called Steve Krenz who obviously knows his stuff and teaches in a logical and matter-of-fact style, making him easy to follow.

- A 107 page workbook with content that flows with the video lessons on the DVD's. Video's are of very high quality and you immediately tell it was done professionally.

- A set of Backing Tracks (5 CD's full of them) that enables you to learn and play the songs taught in the course.  Playing the songs with these backing tracks makes for a great payoff after you've gone through the lessons and learned the songs and skills themselves.
Lessons come in video and text format
High quality, professionally done videos with knowledgable instructor
Lessons are broken up to present managable quantities of info at a time (no information overload!)
Lessons are very practical, hands-on and personalized
Backing Tracks are stunning and an excellent learning tool.
The most in-depth guitar course available today for newer players
Not aimed at advanced players
Not the cheapest course around.  You'll find cheaper, but not as in-depth and comprehensive.
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What are the lessons like?

The Lessons are divided into three main parts. 
(1) A video lessons presented by Steve Krenz that covers the main teaching segment of the lessons. 
(2) A video tips section with some cool tips related to the more practical side of guitar equipment, guitar maintenance and so forth.
(3) A play along practice session called the Workshop.

What will I learn?

Session 1 - Starting Off Right
Session 2 - Reading Music & Notes on the 1st & 2nd Strings
Session 3 - Notes on the 3rd & 4th Strings
Session 4 - Notes on the 5th & 6th Strings
Session 5 - Basic Open Chords
Session 6 - Minor Seventh & Suspended Chords
Session 7 - Barre Chords on the 6th String
Session 8 - Barre Chords on the 5th String
Session 9 - The Secret to Great Strumming
Session 10 - The Foundation of Soloing
Session 12 - Advanced Chords
Session 13 - Playing the Blues
Session 14 - Giving Your Playing Some Style
Session 15 - Electric Guitars - The Heart of Rock & Roll
Session 16 - Advanced Strumming - Going Beyond the Basics
Session 17 - Going Beyond the First Position
Session 18 - Jazz
Session 19 - Soloing
Session 20 - All the Chords You Need to Know

Is it any good?

I personally believe it's better than any of the other guitar tuition products available.  In fact, I bought two other Legacy Learning products (Piano & Painting) since their stuff is so good!

As stated elsewhere, this learn and master guitar review will contend that it's the most popular study-at-home guitar course available.  It won the Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Silver award for player's choice.

If that doesn't convince you then the quality of the lessons and easy instruction should.  If you can't learn guitar from this course, you'll never learn (or you're just lazy).

Who's it aimed at?

Primarily at beginner and intermediate level guitar players.  If you've never played a guitar before in your life, you'll love this product, but if you've been playing a while and want to sharpen your skills, it'll work just as great.

The only group of players who won't really benefit from this product are advanced players with many years of experience, who play across different musical platforms and styles.

Why is it so expensive?

At $150 it's not the cheapest course around, so why the price?  Well, it's very comprehensive.  Legacy systems (the guys who made it) is very particular about their products not being over-hyped, 'Learn This Overnight' type of stuff.  On the contrary it gives users an in-depth look at whatever they're studying (in our case guitar, but they've got other products too like piano, painting etc.)

Learn & Master Guitar is likely the most comprehensive, in-depth beginner and intermediate guitar course you'll find, either on the Internet or on DVD's.  I believe that justifies the price, but if you think it's too high, there are alternatives.


Yep, a full 60 days of trail and error.  If you're unhappy, return it and they'll pay you back, no questions asked.

Learn and Master Guitar Review Summary

I hope you've found this Learn and Master Guitar Review usefull.  As stated above, I've personally bought a few of Legacy Learning Systems' products, simply because I believe them to be the best available.

Learn And Master Guitar Review
Affiliate Disclosure: If you choose to buy any product through the links on this page, I'll be earning a few pennies in commission... but hey, you'll be feeding me, the wife & seven kids and butch the dog!  So I'll appreciate the support :-)
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