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If you want to learn guitar from scratch, the Learn Guitar FAQ is the right place to start:  This page will answer your most basic questions about the guitar learning process.  Everything from 'instruments' to 'practice time' to 'what are chords?' are covered.

I'm considering learning the guitar...
  What are the benefits of learning a musical instrument?

  What will this website teach me about guitar?
  Will my fingers hurt?
  I have no musical background, can I still learn guitar?

  How long does it take to be able to play properly?

  What are pitfalls to avoid as beginner?

  How often will I need to practice?

I'm looking to buy a guitar...
  What kind of guitar should I get?

  How do I know what to look for when buying a guitar?

  What guitar brand do you recommend for beginners?

  What kind of strings are best for new players?

  My friends have had bad experiences with buying instruments online,
  do you recommend it?

  Why should I replace the strings on my new guitar?

  My guitar is making a buzzing sound, what's up?

  What is a Capo?

  What is a Metronome?

I want to know...

  What are some good songs to learn for beginners?

  How do I change a broken guitar string?

  What is a guitar chord?

  What is a guitar scale?

  What are Barre Chords?

  What are Power Chords?

  What is Drop D tuning?

  What are sharps and flats in music?

  I'm confused with all the new words! I need a glossary of guitar related terms!
And whether you're considering learning guitar, or are in the process of refining your skills, you'll no doubt have questions.  Chances are you'll find your answer here.

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions by newbies just starting out with the guitar, as well as questions that will be of help to more intermediary players.

Each of these questions open on a new page.  Be sure to come back to this page to read more.  Enjoy!
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