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Line 6 Spider 112 Amp Review

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Line 6 Spider Valve 112 MKII 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

Line 6 Spider Valve 112 MKII 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

The result of a groundbreaking collaborative effort between living-legend amp designer Reinhold Bogner and renowned amp-modeling upstarts Line 6, Spider Valve MkII 112 40-watt combo amplifier offers the best of both worlds: brawny, boutique-style tube amp tone and the latest, most advanced Line 6 amp modeling with complete flexibility and deep editing.

Acclaimed amp tones

The Line 6 Spider Valve 112 amp has the tools and tones you need to build your sound from the ground up. It features 16 of the most advanced Line 6 amp models, which were inspired by the most revered American, British and European heads and combos. Each one was custom-tuned for Spider Valve MkII amps.

Get in front of sparkling clean tones inspired by a Hiwatt Custom 100, syrupy smooth drive tones inspired by a mix of a '65 Marshall JTM-45, a '58 Fender Bassman and a '63 Fender Vibroverb, British pop/rock tones inspired by a Vox AC-30 Top Boost, high-gain onslaughts inspired by a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier and a Diezel Herbert, Class A crunch inspired by a Divided by 13 9/15, classic Class A breakup inspired by an Orange AD-30, and more! Store every gig's tones with the Line 6 Spider Valve's 128 user-programmable presets.

Need to shape your tone? Tweak the Line 6 Spider Valve amplifier's Bass, Mid and Treble knobs just like you would on the original vintage amps. When you choose an amp model, the EQ section behaves just like the EQ section of the modeled amplifier. Line 6 Spider Valve 112 MkII guitar amp gives you a complete, organic and fully authentic representation of its 16 vintage and modern amplifiers.

An instant sound collection of essential FX

Start smart and dive deep with the unprecedented control of Line 6 Smart FX. It features 20 brilliant effects, delivering unprecedented color, adjustability and routing options. You can tweak up to 6 parameters of any effect—including the intelligent Smart Harmony and Pitch Glide, and easy-to-use 14-second Quick Loop—and route it pre or post for an extraordinary collection of tone-shaping tools. Plus, you get every guitarist's required palette of colors including beautiful Delays, tangy Mods, lush Reverbs and more. Up to 4 effects can be used simultaneously.

Fully editable, deeply sophisticated

Line 6 Spider Valve MkII 112 is poised to become the workhorse amp for all kinds of pro players. Its seamless integration into MIDI rigs allows for quick changes to all front-panel controls, easy synching of your time-based effects (to themselves and to your drummer's click-track) as well as other time- and energy-saving features. Plus, two output modes deliver easy and effective solutions for direct-recording and gigging. Performance Mode lets you send a signal, which provides tube and modeling interaction, via the XLR out to the front-of-house engineer. Studio Mode bypasses the tubes to send

The Line 6 Spider Valve 112 MKII 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp is a powerhouse amplifier that is fully customizable and a true one-size-fits-all model. Developed in collaboration between boutique tube amp legend Reinhold Bogner and pioneers of modern technology, this Line 6 Amplifier is the best of both the old and new guitar worlds.
It features sixteen distinct channel voices modelled after some of the most advanced Line 6 amplifier models, both British and American. This lets users create sounds ranging from modern, dirty, and distorted to vintage, warm, and mellow, or anything imaginable in between.

Players can choose from Line 6 Spider 112 has 300 preset settings, including some of the greatest classic guitar tones, or create a custom sound by adjusting up to six parameters and four effects at once.

Line 6 Spider 112 Amp
Line 6 Spider Valve 112 MKII 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black
Custom tones can even be saved in the 128 user-programmable presets or adjusted further with twenty Smart FX, including Smart Harmony, Pitch Glide, Quick Loop and others. The oversized LCD screen makes all of this customization easy and very user-friendly.

The Line 6 Spider 112 is solid black with clean, modern lines and a well-designed array of knobs. The equalizer controls have been modelled after each of the original sampled amplifiers, and there are knobs for adjusting bass, mid, and treble tones, as well as a drive knob, presence knob, channel volume and master volume.

Booming in at 40 Watts of power fuelled by a Class AB tube amp through two 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6 power tubes, this amp certainly packs a punch, and comes with the authentic sound of glass tubes to boot. Because the Line 6 Spider 112 is so intensively customizable, it can be used to create almost any kind of sound or to play any style of music. All of the amp's tones are equally impressive due to the blend of authentic tube construction and digital customization.

Weighing in at 45 pounds, the Line 6 Spider 112 that might not be the most portable of the bunch, but because it can produce such a wide range of tones and so much powerful sound, it reduces the need for extra equipment. With seamless MIDI integration and modes for Performance or Studio, the Line 6 Spider is well-suited to be used at home, in the studio, or for live performances. This is an amp that can hold its own in any setting. For a diversity of tones and plenty of powerful sound at a great price, the Line 6 Spider 112 is a solid all-purpose combo amp.

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