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Money for Nothing Guitar Riff

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The Money for Nothing guitar riff is rated 7 out of 10 and should be playable by any guitarist with enough experience with power chords and basic technique.

This riff consists of the intro of the song "Money for Nothing" and is a classic rock guitar piece.  The tab is played by combining a variety of different power chords with some hammer-on's.  Here's what the tab looks like:

Learn how to play a riff from "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits with this free video based guitar lesson...
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In order to play any of these songs, you need to know how to read guitar tabs and how to use basic guitar techniques
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The Tab
Here's what it should look and sound like:
On the original recording, the intro riff is played with the classic Dire Straits distortion sound.  You can play this riff with any kind of distortion or overdrive - the more you crank up the effect, the better you'll get the riff to sound.
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