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Always tune your guitar before playing, even if you're only practicing.
Tuner requires Flash, get it free
Guitar Tuner on this page courtesy of the folks at Wimpy Player.
How to use this online tuner

Use this free online guitar tuner for the most accurate results when tuning your guitar.

Click on each individual string to hear the frequency which that string on the guitar should be tuned at.  You can also have the tuner automatically advance through the string by clicking on the auto advance button.

Remember to look at some Guitar Tuning Tips which explains some basic fundamentals of tuning you need to know to keep your strings in good shape.
Remember to bookmark this page for quick future reference.

Once your guitar is properly tuned carry on
to the next lesson - hand positions.

Need a downloadable tuner to use offline.  Visit the Guitar Tuning Software page for the coolest guitar tuning software available on the Internet.  All of them are 100% free!
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