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Palm Muting

What is it?
Palm muting is a marvellous effect that should be a part of your basic technique.  By placing the side of your strumming hand on the bridge and gently touching the strings you will achieve a muffling effect when strumming.
* If you don't know what this is, see how to read guitar tabs *
This is what it should look and sound like:
Using Palm Mute in Songs
The following lick would normally be played on a electric guitar with some form of distortion effect.  It's also a great effect to use when providing musical accompaniment with an acoustic guitar.  In this tab I'm playing the G and D power chords with open strings and then palm muting the A power chord:
This is what it should look and sound like:
Once you understand palm muting,
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Palm on Guitar
Palm on Guitar
This is where your strumming hand would normally rest when speedily strumming the bass notes.
This is where your strumming hand will rest when you want to palm mute.
Who uses it?
Palm muting is primarily used by electric guitar-players of the metal and rock genre.  Coupled with the distortion effect, it produces a heavy percussive sound.  It can also be used by acoustic players when strumming the bass string in quick succession, or for muffling individual notes.

In this example, I'm going to be playing the G power chord (which is the top three strings of the G Barre chord in isolation) and palm mute them so you can audibly hear the effect.  On guitar tablature a palm mute is indicated in different ways.  I've used the popular pm with the dots afterword indicating which notes need to be muted.  Here's the tab:
NOTE: If you move your hand to far on the strings, you'll completely mute them - not the effect we're looking for.  If you move your hand too far back on the bridge you'll have no effect whatsoever.  Finding the balance of where to rest your hand when palm muting will only come with practice.

* If you don't know what this is, see how to read guitar tabs *

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