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Peavey Delta Blues Amp Review

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Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tube Combo Amp Tweed

Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tube Combo Amp Tweed

The 30W Peavey Delta Blues Amp is your amp If the blues is your way of life. The Delta Blues' 30 classic all-tube watts are way louder than solid state. Modern flexibility comes from a Tremolo control with Speed and Intensity knobs, pre- and post-gain controls on the lead channel, 3-band passive EQ, a Boost switch, external speaker jack, and an effects loop. Jamming or gigging, the Peavey Delta Blues 115 amp holds down your end of the sound.

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The Peavey Company started way back in 1964. And since then, it has produced amplifiers, musical instruments and other electronic gadgets with great quality. This article will present you with a review of one of its most popular guitar amplifiers today:  The Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tube Combo Amp.

This model of Peavey amp uses an all-tube functionality; it has 3 12AX7 and 4 EL84 tubes. It boasts of 30 watts power which is adjustable into 16 or 8 ohms. As for its tremolo feature, this attribute has speed and intensity features that will surely satisfy any guitar player.

The unit is also equipped with a 3-band passive equalizer and capable of footswitch
channelling methods for convenience. The amplifier's 15-inch Blue Marvel speaker also has an external speaker jack.
Peavey Delta Blues Amp
Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tube Combo Amp Tweed

When buying a new amp, the look and finish of the object is important, but nothing ranks higher than its sound production:  This particular model of Peavey amplifier is very versatile and functional.  Since it uses an all-tube amp system, it is louder than the typical guitar amp models that uses a solid state.  Furthermore, its tremolo has speed and intensity controls which make the device very flexible to your needs and requirements.

The Look

As with all guitar amp models from the Company, the Peavey Delta Blues amplifier has a classy and elegant look.  Guitar players will be proud to include this item on the set for concerts and gigs as it has an appearance and power that can captivate the audience.

What's nice...

Again, because of the all-tube feature, this amplifier can provide for a loud, crisp and clean sound. It is also very easy to use as it has tremolo and footswitch controls. Moreover, it can also be easily carried around as it only weighs 50 pounds.

What's not so nice...

Some consumers find this particular guitar amp model to be a bit pricey. However, considering the design and 30 Watt All-Tube Output this Peavey is fairly priced for it's market range.


For guitar players who are looking for top quality and reliable guitar amps, this Peavey amplifier makes the perfect choice. The brand's reputation speaks for itself and it is not surprising that musical acts like Van Halen and John Cougar use this type of amplifier in their gigs. In fact, there are even Joe Satriani signature amp models that are available for sale on the market too.
Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tube Combo Amp Tweed
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