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Simple Guitar Riff

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The Simple guitar riff is rated 3 out of 10 and is suitable for beginner guitar players.   It is... how should I put it... uuuh... simple! And straightforward!  With only one section that requires you to hammer on twice in succession.

Here's the Tab:

Learn how to play a riff from "Simple" by Phish with this free video based guitar lesson...

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G|------------------2---|  12x
In order to play any of these songs, you need to know how to read guitar tabs and how to use basic guitar techniques
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The Tab
The first note on the E string is played by the index finger and the next two notes on the D string by your ring finger.  Then for the hammer on bit:

Play the first note on 1 on the A string then hammer on with your middle finger on 2 and again with your ring finger on 3.  This is done in quick succession to make it sound like three notes played quickly after the other.

On the Original recording, the band Phish, uses a overdrive distorted sound.  If you want, you can do the same.  Here's what it should sound and look like:
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