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Vox AC 30 Guitar Amp Review

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Vox AC30VR Valve Reactor 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

Vox AC30VR Valve Reactor 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

The VOX AC30VR Valve Reactor combo amp uses an "old-school" split-panel design, the AC30VR offers 2 distinct channels—Normal and Overdrive—with the Overdrive channel adding a separate Gain knob. In addition, the VOX amp's overdrive Style button delivers 2 distinctive flavors.

Equipped with 2 custom-designed 12" Celestion speakers, the VOX AC30VR combo delivers a roaring 30W of power. The Normal channel offers both Bass and Treble tone controls, along with a single Volume knob. A Gain knob has been added to the Overdrive channel, as well as a Middle control for more defined tone shaping. In the Master section, the AC30VR features a unique Tone Cut circuit knob for dampening the high-end frequencies. Master Reverb and Master Volume controls are also provided.

The VOX AC30VR amplifier's back panel is equipped with an external speaker jack for use with an 8 Ohm extension cabinet. Using an extension cabinet will mute the internal speaker. Also provided is a jack for the optional VOX VFS2 dual footswitch (not included), which offers hands-free channel-switching and reverb on/off action.

The Vox AC 30 is an impressive amplifier at a great price.  With this amp you can enjoy the Classic Vox sound in your bedroom or studio for a fraction of what other guitarist are paying to sound like Brain May. 
The VOX AC30VR Valve reactor 2X12 Guitar Combo Amp is a really nice 30 Watts amplifier. While all VOX guitar amps have that distinct warm, vintage sound, the VOX AC30 comes with two 12" Celestion speakers that are custom made for this model. The twin speakers are separated by Normal and Overdrive options.

The "normal" channel is what you'd expect from a VOX, warm, sweet, and crisp.
Vox AC 30
Vox AC30VR Valve Reactor 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black
Here's a nice comprehension video review of this amp complimentary of Dallas based Guitar Play Scott Wigham:
There is no sudden ugly buzzing and it maintains its constancy for a long period of time even when cranked up to its highest volume. This makes the VOX AC 30 perfect for both live and recording purposes. The normal speaker plays nicely with analog pedals and helps push out more authenticity than digital ones. The Normal channel comes with no-fuss Bass and Treble knobs, a clever move by the Vox engineers, since guitarists generally can trust in a VOX amp without having to mess around too much with frequencies.

The "Overdrive" on the VOX AC 30 is awesome. Particularly likable about this effect is the gain knob that has been added for extra control. It works perfectly with the Middle control knob, because it allows you to manipulate the tone with precise control over the distortion. You can get a deep sound without killing the guitar whatsoever or you can go for a much crunchier sound that is backed by a surprising amount of tube power. This can be attributed to the 12AX7 tube that VOX engineers describe as two tubes in one.

The VOX AC 30 comes with a really great digital reverb that can give a nice gentle touch to the sound without appearing too needy for ambience.

This look of the VOX AC 30 is that classic box shape that we all adore. The dimensions are 702 x 265 x 556mm, but thankfully, it weighs in at only 23kg. It comes with the all important output jack for line-in recordings or if you want to use it as a pre-amp for larger speakers. There are two input jacks, one which is a footswitch jack which is essential if you want to use it live. This can be accompanied with a VOX VFS2 dual footswitch that can change channels and turn the reverb on and off.

Pro's & Con's in a nutshell...

Con: The amp is a bit of a tease. At 30 Watts you can't help but think about upgrading the thing to something bigger.

Pro: The classic VOX sound in your bedroom at a fraction of the price.
Vox AC30VR Valve Reactor 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp Black
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