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Walk This Way Guitar Riff

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The Walk This Way guitar riff is rated 5 out of 10 and is suitable for any guitar player  who's comfortable with alternate picking.  The tab consists of the hook of the song - a cathcy, repetitive melody that's played mostly on the first three strings of the guitar.

The tab involves quick alternate picking, muting and a single pull off action.  Here's what it looks like:

Learn how to play a riff from "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith, with this free video based guitar lesson...

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In order to play any of these songs, you need to know how to read guitar tabs and how to use basic guitar techniques
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The Tab
This is what it should look and sound like:
The first three notes (A--0-1-2--) should be played with alternate picking to help you play it fast enough.  Playing with up and downstrokes is always quicker than playing all the notes with a downstroke action.  If you're not used to alternate picking, this might take some practice.

Another option is to play the section using hammer-ons (-0h1h2- instead of -0-1-2).  I've done this in the second part of the video and since it achieves the same basic sound, it's a viable alternative

The mute on the top string (E--x-) can be achieved by simply resting a finger against the string (not fretting it!) and plucking the string once.

Aerosmith uses an overdrive/distortion effect for this riff and you can do the same to get the full effect of it.
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