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FAQ: What kind of strings?

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A:  New guitar players should use strings with a low gauge.  Here's why...

Few things are as discouraging to a new player as a guitar with high action.  Action refer to the distance between the strings and the fretboard and thus to the amount of pressure one needs to apply to the strings to have them pressed down solidly on the fretboard.  If strings are not properly fretted, it results in poor sound and badly intonated chords and notes.  The higher the action, the more difficult it is to fret strings properly, especially for beginners...

Many things effect the action of a guitar (including the general quality of the instrument), but one of the easiest ways to reduce action is to get strings with low gauge. 

'Gauge' refer to string thickness and tension.  The higher the gauge, the thicker the string itself and the higher the action.  Until you have a few months experience as guitarists and have allowed your fingers to developed calluses, stick to strings with a low gauge. 

11 or 12 Gauge strings (aka 'extra light') are best for new players.

What about the different string brands?  There are hundreds of them...

Elixir guitar strings are coated with a special Polyweb or Nanoweb coating which protects the strings and slows down the rate of corrosion.  These strings feel like new strings for longer and the coating provides a slick surface for your fingers to slide over when you're playing songs with lots of slides.  The bright sound of the guitar strings also last longer.  I've used them for many years, and recommend it as the best.  Get it cheaply from ZZ sounds.
Elixir Electric Guitar Strings
Elixir Guitar Strings
Q: What kind of strings are recommended for beginner guitarists?
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