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FAQ: What Will I Learn?

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Q: What exactly will your website teach me about the guitar?

A:  The Internet can be a great place for people who want to learn guitar, but it can also be a stumbling block.  There are many different guitar websites out there and the amount of information can be overwhelming and even discouraging

When you're not receiving guitar tuition from a live instructor, it's very important to follow a structured lessons plan, otherwise you end up knowing a little bit about a lot of different guitar topics.  This means that at the end of the day you're usually unable to actually play anything... 

This is usually the case with people who start learning by trying to master a difficult guitar solo - yes of course it's cool and impressive when you can solo, but that's not the place where you start learning...  No, follow a structured lesson plan that starts with the basics and moves up from there.  In order to develop proper technique and finger strength, I believe it's ideal to start with the basic guitar chords, then move on to scales and techniques.

Here's a chronological break down of what PluckandPlayGuitar's structured lessons plan will teach you:

Guitar Tuning - How to tune a guitar using an electronic tuner or your ears.  Tips for proper tuning.
Guitar Hand Positions - The basic body posture and hand positioning when playing guitar.
Strumming - How to strum a basic pattern and alternate between different strumming patterns.
Basic Guitar Chords - A step by step video guide through the Em, G, C and D guitar chords.  These are the four basic chords that'll enable you to play hundreds of famous songs.  Once you've got the basic four nailed down, you then move on to learn a few more chords.
Easy Guitar Songs - A free downloadable E-book is available that contains some easy guitar songs you can play once you've mastered the basic guitar chords.
How to Read Guitar Tabs - A detailed instructional guide that explains in straightforward terms how to read and play internet guitar tablature.
Guitar Scales - Video based lessons on the most important guitar scales you need to learn and play in order to develop individual finger strength and train your ears to recognize musical patterns.
Guitar Techniques - Video Based lessons on the most important guitar techniques like hammer on's, pull off's etc.  These techniques add depth and maturity to your technique and style.
Easy Guitar Tabs - A collection of easy guitar tabs for all guitar players.  These will come in handy when you want to practice your fingerpicking technique.
People are often surprised at the fact that almost everything on this website is provided for free.  Well to that I can only reply that you therefore have no excuse not to learn guitar ;-)  With effort and motivation from your end, PluckandPlayGuitar can be your guitar mentor and help you learn guitar the simple way.
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