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FAQ: What's a guitar chord?

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A:  Let's break it down by defining a 'note':  By pressing down a string and plucking it once you've played one note.  Now let's say you're pressing a couple of strings in different places and play all the strings at the same time...  That's a chord!  A very crude definition indeed, but you understand right? 

Here's a fancier one: A Guitar chord is a collection of tones or notes played together at once.   By fretting (pressing down) the strings in certain places guitar chords are formed.  You play them by strumming all the strings at once.

Here (below) is a picture of what it looks like when you play the G Guitar Chord.  Note that different fingers are fretting different strings in different places.  Your left hand (if you're right handed) will maintain this position and your right hand will strum the strings. 

G Chord on Guitar
When learning to play guitar, chords are usually presented in a charted form called chord charts.  A guitar chord chart will help you play and memorize many different chords by showing you the chord formation in a easy-to-understand format.

Guitar chords form the foundation of any guitar player's skills and will be one of the first things you'll learn as a new player.
The free guitar lessons on this site will teach you the basic chords one by one with video instruction.  Chord charts (and how to read them) are included.

For more information on guitar chords and to start learning them one by one visit the basic guitar chords section.
Q: What's a guitar chord?
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