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FAQ: Will my Fingers hurt?

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A:  When learning anything new there is sometimes pain and discomfort involved.  Think of when you started riding a bicycle - I'm sure you fell a couple of times and it probably hurt right?  Well let me be clear and state that learning guitar is not nearly as painful as that!

If you're completely new to guitar and have never fretted a string or note before, there will be some pain in the tips of your four fretting fingers (not the thumb), but this is honestly not as severe as some would suggest. 

The first couple of days of learning new chords, your tender fingertips will probably moan and groan about the new things you're making them do and the awkward positions you're forcing them into, but it passes quickly.  For most people it's a matter of a couple of weeks and your hands and fingers will have adjusted to the point where you can play the rest of your life without another squeal from them ;-)

The quickest way to stop the pain in your fingers is to develop calluses on your fingertips and this is achieved by playing on a regular basis.  The quickest way to develop calluses is to play every day for at least 30 minutes. 

This might be too tough a schedule for many and that's okay - practice every other day if that suits better.  But try and play more than once a week since that's just about enough to NOT develop calluses and make every practice session a painful one...

At the end of the day its good to remember that it passes quickly and is completely normal.

Calloused fingers
Practice regularly and you'll develop those calluses in a jiffy!
Q: People always say the biggest problem with learning guitar is the pain in your fingers.  Is this true?  Will my fingers hurt?
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